​​​Prof. Alexander Kisters

Structural Geology, Tectonics, Economic Geology                               





Research Profile

I am interested in crustal deformation, both on local and regional scales. All of my research is field based. The research focuses on mid- and lower- crustal terrains such as Namaqualand and the Damara belt in southern Africa, but also Archaean terranes in South Africa or Greenland. I am particularly interested in the structural controls of crustal melting, melt migration and the emplacement and assembly of granitic plutons and their effects on crustal deformation and crustal rheologies. More recent research also focuses on accretionary processes in shallower-crustal fold and thrust belts, including Pan-African and older belts in southern Africa.

I enjoy the applied component of geological work and continue to work on the structural controls of mineralization and hydrothermal fluid flow, mainly applied to   lode-gold deposits (more recently in southern Africa, W- and E- Africa) but also base metal mineralisation.

Most of the research involves students at Honours, M- and D-level and I strongly believe in the significance of field-based training for aspiring geologists.


Recent collaborations

Universities of Johannesburg , Cape Town, Aachen, Lausanne

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland,

Council for Geoscience


Recent and current industry collaborations

AngloGoldAshanti, Navachab Gold Mine, Siguiri Gold Mine, Craton Mining, Swakop Uranium, Pan-African Resources 


NRF B-rating (since 2011)



Supervision of >50 Honours-, 18 MSc-, and 9 PhD studies.

Current students:

  • André Coetzee, PhD candidate – geometry and emplacement mechanisms of Karoo dolerites
  • Caitlin Jones (BSc Hons.)
  • Samantha Dold (BSc Hons.)
  • Carel Burger (BSc Hons.)
  • Luke Carlton (BSc Hons.)
  • Lucas Pintos Cerda (BSc Hons.)

Recently graduated students:

  • ​Jonathan Gloyn-Jones (MSc cum laude, 2018) – works with Tect consultancy (Somerset West) as a structural geologist
  • ​Shawn Kitt (PhD, 2017) – Senior Structural Geologist with SRK, Cardiff (Wales), mineral exploration and mining​
  • Duncan Hall (PhD, 2016) – currently working with IGS (UK) and involved in regional mapping projects throughout Africa and elsewhere
  • Corné Koegelenberg (PhD, 2016) – geological consultant with Tect in Somerset West, specialising in the structural analysis and modelling of ore deposits
  • Tolene Kruger (MSc cum laude, 2016) Exploration and project geologist with RTZ, Namibia and Zambia​


Teaching responsibilities

Geol 244 – Introduction to Structural Geology (semester course)
Geol 272 – West Coast field school (6 days) and mapping techniques (2 days) 
Geol 354 – Plate Tectonics (4 weeks)
Geol 771 – South African Tectonics ​and Stratigraphy (2-week block)
Geol 712 – Applied Structural Geology (2-week block)

Recent publications


Gloyn-Jones, J. and Kisters, A.F.M. (2019). Ore-shoot formation in the Main Reef Complex of the Fairview Mine – multiphase gold mineralization during regional folding, Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa. Mineralium Deposita, accepted for publication. 
​Dziggel, A. and Kisters, A.F.M. (2019). Tectono-metamorphic controls on Archaean gold mineralization in the Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa. Submitted to Developments in Precambrian Geology: The Earth’s Oldest Rocks, Elsevier, Chapter 26, 655-673.

Moyen, J.-F., Stevens, G., Kisters, A.F.M., Belcher, R.W., Lemirre, B., Frei. D. (2019).
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