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Sick Letters

Sick Letters are only applicable to Post-Graduate students 

Sick notes must be handed in at the Van der Sterr Building at Room 2091 as soon as possible after the test date. The School must see to it that sick notes meet the existing guidelines applicable to sick notes (as explicated below), as determined by the Executive Committee of the University.

If an unacceptable sick note was submitted, the student will receive a standard sick note from the University, with the request that this note must be completed by a medical practitioner or registered clinical physiologist.  The standard sick note can be downloaded in MSWord Format by clicking on the link: Sick Note.


Guidelines from the Executive Committee regarding sick notes from students

 An acceptable note must contain at least the following:

The date(s) of the examination by/consultation with the medical practitioner/registered physiologist.

The name of the student.

A clear diagnoses of the illness (headache, diarrhoea, stomach cramps are symptoms, not an illness).

An indication of the duration of the illness with dates of inability to attend classes/examinations.

In the case of problems indicating an emotional affliction or stress, the following serve as guidelines:

The student must have a note from a medical practitioner or clinical physiologist, registered with the HPCSA. This note must contain abovementioned information and indicate a specific acceptable physiological disturbance diagnoses such as anxiety or depression.

If, according to the opinion of the Executive Committee, there is sufficient cause to believe that factors outside of the examination circumstances caused stress/emotional disruption ( for example death at home, serious illness at home, or disruption at home such as alcohol or divorce matters), a declaration is needed from a medical practitioner and/or  minister. Permitted absence of one week around the time of the critical incident should normally suffice.