School of Accountancy
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How does it work at SU


Academic clerks are appointed from 1 February to 31 December of the relevant year.

As so far it is practical each clerk is assigned to a specific subject field or subject fields (Taxation, Financial Accounting, Auditing, Management Accounting and Information Systems) and he/she reports to the relevant division head or division heads.

Academic clerks' work hours are from 08; 30 to 16:00 or from 09:00 to 16:30.

Academic clerks are entitled to 23 workday's normal leave during the year, of which 10 days must be taken during December. The remaining leave days must, so far possible, be taken during the official University recess period and not during the term.

Each clerk's work is reviewed in cooperation with the relevant division head/ subject head twice a year. The review takes place with reference to SAICA's requirements in this regard and reports are sent to SAICA.  The interim evaluation also offers the opportunity to identify development opportunities in time and address them during the rest of the year​