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Social Impact through Research

One of the key mechanisms at the disposal of the School of Accountancy to make a societal impact is through research. The School of Accountancy makes an impact through various scientific accredited local and international journal publications, as well as conference proceedings and involvement in expert panel discussion. The School's impact is not limited to the academic sphere. Staff from the School contribute to the public and business discourse through various popular publications and presentations to the professional accounting and business community. Staff also volunteer their time to act as reviewers and participation on organising committees of conferences and research relating initiatives.

The research conducted within the School of Accountancy are concentrated within four main areas:

  1. Corporate governance and financial reporting;
  2. Management accounting and control;
  3. Taxation; and
  4. Accounting Education.

Research within the area of corporate governance and financial reporting, and management accounting and control covers various interconnected themes. Such research informs policy and practice, and help shapes our social environment through debate on topics such as the quality of integrated reporting to aid decision-making, directors' remuneration, stakeholder relationships and ESG in general.

Research in the area of Taxation is argued as socially significant to the functioning of all major regulatory frameworks and the integration of statutory law into the framework of common-law principles[1]. An understanding of the determinants of corporate tax avoidance further helps regulators to develop suitable interventions to reduce tax avoidance.


Engaging in quality research in Accounting Education improves lecturers' teaching practices, which leads to increased student success and employability and ensures that the school delivers graduates with the necessary attributes and competencies to ensure they are future fit for the world of work.​

More information about research at the School of Accountancy is available under each staff members research profile at this link.


Further in formation

Interested parties can obtain further information about impactful research, from:

Dr. George Nel

Tel: +27 21 808-3889



Postal address: School of Accountancy, Stellenbosch University, Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602.


[1] Roux, T. (2014). Judging the quality of legal research: A qualified response to the demand for greater methodological rigour. Legal Education Review, 24, 177–204.