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The SAICA allows a limited number of trainee accountants to follow the Academic Traineeship Program (ATP). The program involves trainee accountants spending their first year of their traineeship at a SAICA accredited university. 

The ATP offers trainee accountants the opportunity to spend their first traineeship year in a stimulating academic environment, inter alia with the goal of making them interested in pursuing an academic career in future.  A number of the staff members of the School of Accountancy were as a matter of fact former academic trainee accountants.  This program also strengthens the staff corps of the School, since trainee accountants are exposed to similar tasks as junior lectors.

Academic trainee accountants enjoy as much as possible exposure to the following activities: 

•              Lecturing;

•              Tutorials;

•              Preparation of teaching material;

•              Preparing and grading of assessments;

•              Research

For more information on the ATP, please refer to this document SAICA released on the subject.
Also refer to SAICA's website ​