​​​​​Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) unit at Stellenbosch University houses a Bruker 400 and a triple resonance 600MHz NMR spectrometer with bespoke probes and experiments available for almost any application. The unit also has a Circular Dichroism-Fluorescence Spectropolarimeter with high resolution/sensitivity.​

NMR Spectrometer

Bruker 400MHz AVANCE NEO NMR instrument (Foodscreener) 
Equipped with a 5mm BBI Z-Gradient high resolution dual channel probe.The inner NMR coil is tuned to observe 1H. The outer NMR coil can be tuned for decoupling with any nucleus in the range from 31P to 109Ag. The probe is fitted with a 2H lock channel. It is equipped with automatic tuning and matching accessory (ATM) and a 60 position SampleExpress auto sampler. The instrument is a fully equipped FoodScreener which include the Sample track PC and BTpH titration-module.

The Foodscreener applications and specifications are available in a separate section under the NMR main menu.

Bruker 600MHz AVANCE NEO NMR instrument (3-channel)
This instrument is equipped with a standard 5mm TBI probe and a TBO i-probe. The inner NMR coil of the TBO iProbe can be tuned to observe 19F or any nucleus in the range from 31P - 199Hg and 17O - 109Ag. The outer NMR coil is double tuned for simultaneous decoupling 1H and 19F. 

Any nucleus can be fully automatically selected and optimally tuned and matched (ATM). Any 1D, 2D and 3D NMR experiment can be carried out on these instruments at temperatures from -150℃ to +150℃. The 24 position SampleCase can regulate the queued sample temperature form 4 - 40℃, while running experiments manually or in automation. 

This instrument is also equipped with the InsightMR attachment for Real-Time Data Analysis and Acquisition Control for Process Monitoring outside the magnet in your preferred reaction vessel.

CD Spectrometer

The Photophysics Chirascan-plus have CD/Absorbance/fluorescence/FDCD capabilities including automated temperature control and ramping, a 4-syringe low volume/short optical path stoped-flow unit for fast reaction kinetics and have a multi-detection capability.
The instrument also have a 1 Tesla Magnetic CD attachment for MCD work. 

The full specification of the instruments can be found on our downloads page.​