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2023 Registration Information

This communication is sent to all provisionally accepted applicants for 2023 as well as all senior students who were registered in 2022. Please note that this communication does not mean that you have been finally accepted to Stellenbosch University. 
All first-time-entering undergraduate students (students who are registering for the first time in a specific programme) must ensure that they comply with all the admission requirements of their chosen programme of study before they leave for Stellenbosch. Please also regularly visit the University's registration website for updated information. 

Onboarding programme  

Stellenbosch University offers an online onboarding programme for all provisionally accepted first-years. Please note that access to this programme does not mean that you have been finally accepted to Stellenbosch University.
The programme is available on SUNLearn (the University's learning management system) from 13 December 2022. You will be spending a lot of time on SUNLearn as a student, so the onboarding programme will be a good way to familiarise yourself with the system. Everything you need to know about the University and your faculty is just a few clicks away!

Welcoming Period

Annually the University hosts a Welcoming period for all newcomer students. During this period, newcomer students are introduced to their faculties, the university environment, and the various student support services and campus facilities that play an important part in campus life. Visit the Welcome Maties website for more information.

Payment dates of study and accommodation fees for 2023

Please note that the first compulsory payment of fees has been replaced by the this schedule

No separate student account will be issued during registration. The amounts payable per month will be displayed on the student fees account that will be distributed before the end of each month. The first account will only be available after you have registered and will be sent within a week of the closing of registration.

Registration procedures

Please note that a final admission communication will be sent from 21 January 2023 onwards.
We kindly request that finally admitted applicants make use of our online registration system. Should you experience any issue with the system or process, please use either email (postgraduate programmes only) or on-campus registration (undergraduate and postgraduate programmes). The contact and registration details for the various faculties and programmes follow below.
The following registration options are available:
Option 1: Self-registration/online registration

  • As most students are able to register online, we encourage you to make use of the online registration portal.  
  • Self-registration can be done via from any computer with internet access.

The following students will not have access to self-registration:

  • Those who have one or more proof-of-admissibility document outstanding (e.g. matriculation exemption certificate, advice of results, or post-matriculation proof of admissibility)
  • Those whose readmission to the University is not in order
  • Those whose student accounts with the University are in arrears (debtors). Please see the student fees section for more information.
  • Those who have been accepted by the University for postgraduate programmes and are registering for that programme for the first time in 2023 (postgraduate newcomers)
  • Those who register for special programmes or as a special student
  • Those whose academic record at the end of the previous year showed a final result other than “Pass year"

Option 2: Email registration (postgraduate programmes, and returning undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

  • This option is only applicable to postgraduate students and to returning undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences without access to the self-registration/online registration system.  
  • Students with outstanding 2022 fees will not be allowed to register (except for qualifying NSFAS recipients). Please first consult the staff in the relevant Bursaries and Loans office in this regard (contact details listed below).
  • Please consult the contact list below for assistance with email registration.
  • Postgraduate students will have received a registration form, which they can complete and return to SU by email. Please see the applicable contact details below in this regard.

Option 3: On-campus registration (undergraduate and postgraduate programmes)

  • This option is only applicable to those without access to self-registration and who could not complete their registration via email either.
  • All Stellenbosch campus students who could not register via the above registration options must register in the computer user area (NARGA) in Admin A. (The only exception is returning undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences based on Stellenbosch campus, who can register with Mr Johan Coetzer in Room 3020, Admin A.)
  • Students with outstanding 2022 fees will not be allowed to register (except for qualifying NSFAS recipients).
  • Please see the below schedule for on-campus registration dates.

Specific registration details for Tygerberg campus are available HERE.

Submission of Documents 

Students who completed any of the following qualifications during 2022 are NOT required to submit any results, as we will receive the download from the Department of Basic Education in January 2023:  

  • South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI)
  • Independent Examinations Board (IEB) 
  • National Senior Certificate (NSC)
  • School of Tomorrow (SoT) 

All other students who have completed any other qualification should please upload /send their final results as soon as it becomes available. This will ensure that we can process your admission as swiftly as possible. Please click HERE to upload your final results for verification. 
International students  

All first-year international undergraduate students must upload a certified copy of their final results to be verified by SU International before the faculty will issue a final admission offer letter, provided you still meet the requirements.
Further information regarding the process, as well as information on retuning international students can be found HERE.
Registration schedule

General dates

  • 3 January 2023: Start of online and on-campus registration for returning undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • 16 January 2023: Start of online registration for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • 25 January 2023: Start of online registration for newcomer first-year students
  • 6–7 February 2023: On-campus registration (NARGA) of newcomer first-years on Stellenbosch campus, as per the registration schedule below
  • 7–9 February 2023: On-campus registration for senior students on Stellenbosch campus, as per the registration schedule below
  • 9 February 2023: Conclusion of registration for all students (excluding M and D students)
  • 13 February 2023: Start of academic year
  • 24 February 2023: Final day for late registration of undergraduate and postgraduate students (excluding M and D students)

Please click HERE to access the Assisted Registration Schedules (New First Year Undergraduate Students and Senior / Returning Students). 
Student services contact details

Please click HERE to access the contact and registration details for your respective faculty/programme.


New first-year undergraduate students

  • Newcomers who were allocated place in a university residence must report at their residences in accordance with the times as communicated by individual residences.
  • Newcomer first-year students will be moving in on 1 and 2 February, with some House Committee members and mentors arriving a few days earlier.
  • Please note, if first-years fail to arrive at the residence by the move-in dates without prior arrangement, their residence placement will be cancelled and allocated to students on the residence waiting list.
  • Please inform the Residence Placement Office at if you will not be taking up your space. 

Senior/returning students

  • Students in senior living spaces will be moving in from 15 January.
  • All other senior students in undergraduate residences will start moving in from 8 February.
  • Please inform the Residence Placement Office at if you will not be taking up your place to ensure that no accommodation fees are charged to your student account.  

Student cards

All new students must obtain a student card after registration. You will need your student card for various purposes, so always carry it with you while on campus. Click HERE for information on where to obtain a student card.
If you are a returning student and you still have your student card of 2022 and will continue using it in 2023, you do not need to reactivate it. The card will be automatically reactivated once you have registered for the 2023 academic year and paid any outstanding fees from prior years.
We encourage you to regularly visit our registration page for updated information.
Best regards

Registrar's Division