​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​POLICIES AND RESOURCES

The Disability Unit is guided by SU policies, some of which we list here. We have also put together other resource materials to assist people with disabilities.

Policies and reports​

SU Language Policy​SU Disability Access Policy 
Disability Access Policy Campaign Report#NoLimitSU Report
#NoLimitSU Campaign Measurement ReportSU Casual Day Report 


Guidelines for lecturers on including students with visual impairmentsGuidelines for teaching students with hearing impairment
Inclusive organisations make business senseDisability Unit 10-year anniversary booklet
Blind computer scientist makes the impossible possibleLive captioning could transfor​m deaf students' university experience
'Facing Disability' article in Kampusnuus (see pages 8 and 9)Disability Unit information pamphlet​
Student and parent perspective​
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
​​Resourc​es in Stellenbosch for people with disabilities

Student experience video with SU student, Lathi MsiStu​dent experience video with SU student, Luigia Nicholas (1)
Student experience video with SU student, Ilze Aaron
Student experience video with SU student, Luigia Nicholas (2)
​Sign language videos (click on themes to access videos)

​Theme 1: Introducing Rachel​
Theme 2: Greetings, feelings and emotions
Theme 3: Covid-19
Theme 4: Body Parts
Theme 5: Medical
Theme 6: Food
Theme 7: Time
Theme 8: Family​
Student experience video with SU student, Luigia Nicholas ​​​(3)​

Universal Design (UD) & ​​Universal Design for Learning​ (UDL)

You have probably heard about these concepts. They relate to how we can design teaching, learning and our environments in ways that do not exclude people from participating. It ensures that people with disabilities are largely included in life and academically. These videos reflect on campus spaces in and out of the classroom. See how UD and UDL would make these better (or not?).

​​Seven principals of Universal Design
​​UD: ​The world comfortable for all​​
​​What is Universal Design fo​r Learning?​

2022 Casual Day online event

Casual Day was hosted this year on 2 September 2022 with the theme #ICelebrateSA. We at SU celebrated by hosting a 1-hour online event around the theme focusing on sports. 

Casual Day 2022-Meeting Recording

2020 Year of Disability declaration

2020 has been declared the Year of Disability at Stellenbosch University. Although it has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued what we could do online. Read some interesting articles written by some of our students and staff with disabilities. Click here​ to view the articles. ​​​​

2020 Year of Disability booklet​​