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Dirk AldrichPhD: Characterisation of Citrus tristeza virus-induced stem pitting in Prof HJ Maree (Vitis)
Francois BurgerPhD: Diuraphis noxia biotypes ascribed through genotypic characterization and utilization of their endosymbiont, Buchenra Prof A-M Botha-Oberholster (Cereal Genomics)
Kim CoetzeePhD: Ontwikkeling en implimentering van ‘n voortelingsprogram vir verhoogde opbrengs in broodkoring vir besproeingsgebiede van Suid-Afrika.coetzeek@arc.agric.zaSypervisor: Mr WC Botes (SU-PBL)
Glynnis CookPhD: Characterization of Citrus tristeza virus variants and their influence on the symptom expression in the grapefruit Prof HJ Maree (Vitis)
Stephanie CornelissonPhD: Characterisation of the QTL associated with chill requirement during dormancy and dormancy release in apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.).stephcor11@gmail.comSupervisor: Prof JT Burger (Vitis)
Katie GledhillPhD: Species identification and population genetics to improve the conservation and management of endemic catsharks in South Africa.Supervisor: Dr AE Bester-van der Merwe (MBB)
Liesl HillPhD: Upper Olifants River catchment: Ecotoxicogenomics as an approach to inform the assessment and management of aquatic Prof A-M Botha-Oberholster (Cereal Genomics)
Hellen KayagaPhD: Development and characterization of mutagenic wheat lines to study drought tolerance and stress Prof A-M Botha-Oberholster (Cereal Genomics)
Jacqueline KazembePhD: Molecular characterisation and walk back selection of the African Sharptooth Catfish, Clarias gariepinus: implications for biodiversity management and aquaculture development in Prof D Brink & Dr AE Bester-van der Merwe (MBB)
Marlon le RouxPhD: Characterization of GMO/mutant wheat populations for drought superiority, emphasizing Prof A-M Botha-Oberholster (Cereal Genomics)
Zama MbulawaPhD: Molecular mapping of dwarf growth habit trait in apple (Malus pumila Mill.).mbulawaz@arc.agric.zaSupervisor: Dr AE van der Merwe (MBB)
Khethani MhelembePhD: Understanding the molecular genetics of the novel acyanic phenotype in apple.mhelebek@arc.agric.zaSupervisor: Prof R Roodt-Wilding (MBB)
Ilani MostertPhD: Investigating the interactome of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 and Vitis species.imostert8@gmail.comSupervisor: Prof HJ Maree (Vitis)
Zanele MthembuPhD
Ellen OvendenPhD: Functional characterisation of core folate metabolism genes implicated in antipsychotic treatment response in a South African first episode schizophrenia Prof L Warnich (Human Genetics)
Thomson SanudiPhD: Genetic characterization and introduction of walk-back selection in lake Malawi Cichlidae (Oreochromis shiranus) towards sustainable aquaculture development and biodiversity Prof R Roodt-Wilding (MBB)
Nadia SmithPhD: Gene silencing in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) following a biolistics Prof A Botha-Oberholster (Cereal Genomics)
Marius SnymanPhD: Characterisation of miRNA expression profiles in response to phytoplasma infection in grapevine.mariuscsnyman@gmail.comSupervisor: Prof JT Burger (Vitis)
Thendo TshilatePhD: Genetic improvement of Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis Mossambicus) for South African aquaculture.TshilateT@arc.agric.zaSupervisor: Dr C Rhode
Magritha van den BergPhDSupervisor: Prof A-M Botha-Oberholster (Cereal Genomics)
Jessica VervallePhD: Molecular mapping of fruit quality traits in Prof R Roodt-Wilding (MBB)
Tamaryn AsburyMSc: Marine Forensics: A molecular tool for trade monitoring and compliance in southern African Dr AE Bester-van der Merwe (MBB)
Marissa BrinkMSc: Genetic diversity and disease studies in the sea urchin, Tripneustes Prof R Roodt-Wilding (MBB)
Nondumiso CebekhuluMSc: Initiation of a pre-breeding effort aimed at salinity resistance traits for yield improvement in wheat.cebekhulu.nondumiso.nondumiso@gmail.comSupervisor: Mr WC Botes (SU-PBL)
Pieter du PreezMSc: Comparing the methylomes of two genealogically linked Russian wheat aphid Prof A-M Botha-Oberholster (Cereal Genomics)
Nicola Mr WC Botes (SU-PBL)
Emma FrickelMSc: An integrative analysis of genetic, neuroanatomical, and environmental correlates of antipsychotic treatment response in Dr NW McGregor (Human Genetics)
Megan HamiltonMSc: Characterization of the effect of miRNA-mediated regulation of regulatory genes on treatment outcome in a South African FES Dr NW McGregor (Human Genetics)
Lelanie HoffmannMSc: Mating systems and the effects of inbreeding in the black soldier Dr C Rhode (MBB)
Kelvin HullMSc: Mitogenome assembly and global population genetic structure of the common smooth-hound shark, Mustelus Dr AE Bester-van der Merwe (MBB)