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Welcoming programme for first-year students in 2015

The Welcoming Programme for first-year student is compiled in such a way that students should be familiar with their campus environment, their faculties, the library and information service, computer user centres and student support services by the time that classes commence in February 2015. In the past Stellenbosch University sent printed copies of the Welcoming Programme for New Students and their Parents by snail mail to their home address in November every year. Due to the strike by the postal service and the related backlogs the risk of financial losses was too great to send the booklets by mail in 2014. Prospective first-year students who have been accepted provisionally would have received an SMS message and an email with this website address. Enquiries: / 021 808-9111.   

Please read the booklet very carefully. It contains valuable information and important telephone numbers. Please note the programme for 22 and 23 January 2015, especially the similarities and difference between the programmes for the Tygerberg and Stellenbosch campuses. The booklet includes useful information on service providers that specialise in the needs of students, and advertisements for first-year camps. These camps are offered by registered student societies – not by Stellenbosch University.

Click on one of the links below to select your preferred version. The PDF-version can be printed. 

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Download the Welcoming Programme for students ​and their parents here (.pdf)

January ​​2015

On your arrival on campus you will receive a comprehensive, printed Welcoming programme at your residence or at the gathering your PSO ward if you stay in private accommodation or commute to campus. Please ensure that you receive a copy of this publication on 22 January 2015. The electronic version of this programme will be available on this website by early January. ​