​​​​​​Visual roll-out​

The purpose of the visual roll-out of the elements of Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019 – 2024 is to create awareness among SU staff and students. This is achieved by the design, production and installation of publicly displayed visual mechanisms across all campuses. It also includes the creation and maintenance of the University's website, the online​ toolkit  and other information aides.

The visual roll-out focuses on four main groups:

  • faculties,
  • professional administrative support services (PASS) and other campuses,
  • student environments,
  • institutional spaces and touchpoints.

To determine the optimal visual display mechanisms for each group above, the following process was followed:

E-mail communication
 to senior line manager concerned to provide background of project. This is followed up with individual contact with senior management of departments and faculties to identify a contact person for future liaison.

Site visit
Site visit to determine correct size and placement of installations.

Customise display mechanism within approved framework and ​receive sign-off.

 visuals, manage the process and install the designs.

​Contact : Carin Erasmus at ccerasmus@sun.ac.za or (021) 808-9765 ​