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Sharepoint Web User Training Videos

1. Introduction to SUN user guide​
(Viewing time: 05:00 mins)

2. H​ow to login, add and edit pages​ 
(Viewing time: 11:00 mins)

3. How to add tables, images and hyperlinks​ 
(Viewing time: 08:55 mins)

​​4. How to embed videos​ 
(Viewing time: 03:20 mins)

​​5. How to edit staff lists​ 
(Viewing time: 06:50 mins)

6. Adding and editing navigation blocks
(Viewing time: 07:45mins) *New upload
​​7. Adding news articles and using Canva to edit photos
(Viewing time: 13:55mins) *New upload
​8. Adding events and notices
(Viewing time: 06:03mins) *New upload

​​​​9. Adding bookmarks to a page​
(Viewing time: 02:39mins) *New upload
10. Restoring a deleted page
(Viewing time: 02:37mins) *New upload