Vision and Strategy​​​​

At Stellenbosch University we are firmly committed to the pursuit of knowledge, research and innovation, in service of society. We provide a world-class centre for learning and development, which is globally relevant, yet rooted in the upliftment and transformation of our local communities. Our actions are guided by key values and attributes, and enabled by outstanding staff and students, sound operating systems and a deep sense of purpose​

  • Our Vision and Strategy is guided by Vision 2040 and Strategic F​ramework 2019-2024, w​hich is divided into:
    • Vision 2040, mission, values, attributes and enablers
    • Strategic Framework: 2019 – 2024 which identifies 6 core strategic t​hemes  to enable this vision 2040.​

      Please find a high-level summary of the elements of our Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019-2024 below​.

  • ​Data in support of the vision and strategy

    In modern times, the key to competitive advantage is data. At SU, vision and strategy are increasingly supported by the successful utilisation of integrated data and analyses, which exploit the value of information and facilitate data-driven decision making and management.

    Please visit the website of Information Governance to view the University’s statistical profile and other statistical information.