Info@StellenboschUni is a weekly e-notice, which will be emailed to staff every Wednesday, communicating important events, notices and announcements.

Submissions for info@StellenboschUni:  

  • The deadline for submissions is Tuesdays at 12:00. 
  • Read more about uploading events and notices.  To upload a notice or advertisement, click here. To submit an event, click here.  Make sure to select Visibly Featured = Staff snippet  for staff events and notices.
  • Please note that notices and events will only be published in info@StellenboschUni if it is uploaded in both Afrikaans and English.  

Contact if you have any questions.


news@StellenboschUni, is a weekly e-newsletter that is sent to staff via e-mail. This newsletter contains important university and campus news, a short message from management, and an overview of how SU was featured in the media that week. 


  • The deadline for submissions is Thursdays at 12:00: 
  • To find out more on how to create a news article on the site click here. To upload a news item click here. 
  • Please note that articles will only be published in news@StellenboschUni if it is uploaded in both Afrikaans and English. 

Contact if you have any questions


Uploading notices and events

Please make use of the Sharepoint user guides to upload events and notices.

Please note the following:

  • Content must be submitted in Afrikaans and English.
  • Items must be uploaded before 12:00 on a Tuesday to be considered for info@StellenboschUni.
  • Events must include information about when, where and at what time the event will take place; detail about the event itself; as well as a contact person.
  • Notices should include, clear, concise, but comprehensive information, as well as a contact person.
  • Photographs must be sized to 940 x310 pixels. Click here for a how to guide on resizing photos for the website banner.
  • Please ensure that photos are not running over the text of the event or notice.
  • Use sentence case for headings of notices and events and keep headings as short as possible.

For assistance with uploading articles contact

​For training on how to upload articles, notices and events contact