​Values ambassador training


A values ambassador is a person supporting their faculty, department or residence with values integration and/or values-based problem solving. Through the values ambassador programme, we seek to develop internal capacity for values integration support, thus assisting the University in achieving University-wide values integration.   

Who can attend?

  • Candidates who have already attended a ViA workshop, and
  • Are also seconded by their entities.


The values ambassador training consists of the following elements:

  • A ViA workshop refresher
  • Essential theoretical frameworks
  • Mastering ViA processes and tools
  • Embedding values into activities and relationships
  • Practising ViA workshop design and facilitation skills


The values ambassador programme starts with a two-day training retraite, after which the ambassadors become part of a reference group of peer mentoring and ongoing mutual support.


  • Currently carried from the project budget.