Call for proposals – renaming of the RW Wilcocks Building

Stellenbosch University (SU) staff, students and members of the community (as represented in the structures with membership on Stellenbosch University’s Institutional Forum) have the opportunity to propose a new name for the currently named RW Wilcocks Building. The University acknowledges that visual symbols evoke different emotions and experiences amongst people, especially in a diversified and historically divided country like South Africa. It is our fervent hope that this long-anticipated renaming process of this prominent building, that also marks the entrance to the Stellenbosch campus, will allow for broad participation towards reflecting the journey of this institution and the surrounding community.

You are hereby invited to submit a new name for the RW Wilcocks Building. Attached please find Guidelines for nominations and naming process1 for the renaming of the RW Wilcocks Building, as well as a nomination form which should be signed and supported by no less than 10 SU students, permanent or full-time staff, and/or members the community structures represented on the IF.

Completed nomination forms must be sent by e-mail to:

The closing date for nominations is Wednesday 26 August 2020.

Please refer to the attached guidelines for the timeline and detail on the naming process.

Kind regards
Dr Ronel Retief

[1] In terms of section 3.17 of the Policy on the naming of buildings, venues and other facilities/premises (hereafter the Naming Policy) the Rectorate approves the procedure for the application of the Policy.The current Procedures for the naming of buildings and venues provide for a specific environment occupying a building to facilitate the renaming process; however, the RW Wilcocks Building currently houses various divisions and academic departments, and over time it has also become clear that the renaming of this building would require a deep and inclusive process that would go beyond the confines of the walls of the RW Wilcocks Building. After an extensive and documented consultation process with stakeholders from the environments currently occupying the building, the Rectorate approved specific institutional guidelines for the renaming of the RW Wilcocks Building.