Stellenb​​osch Laboratory

Outside view:

The Stellenbosch laboratory is situated at the foot of Stellenbosch mountain on the Coetzenberg sports grounds. It is adjacent the Department of Sports Science and the Maties gym. The facility is dedicated and designed for neuromechanics testing and is f​​ully air-conditioned, wheelchair friendly and equipped with UPS back-up power.


Treadmill testing space:

This is the premier testing space within the Stellenbosch laboratory. It is equipped for convenient integrated testing of movement function (measurements of kinematics, kinetics, EMG, EEG, ECG and cardiopulmonary exercise testing in various combinations).


Overground testing space:

This is a multi-purpose space designed for movements that are not suitable to test in the treadmill space. The capture area is approximate 6m x 6m with an optional runway length of almost 20m. We also have a removable layer of rubber flooring that can be used in the space. The walls are equipped with a railing system and dedicated cabling for rapid and convenient setup of our motion capture cameras. A mobile PC workstation also makes it easy to configure the testing space in different ways. 


Upstairs testing space:

A separate testing space is available on the second floor and is typically used for studies involving sitting activities.

Meeting areas:

We comfortably host training events and consultation meetings with our students and clients at the facility.



Shower and ablution facilities are available at the laboratory.