​Equipment database NuMeRI Node for Infection Imaging PET-CT Scanner​

PET-CT scanner

Model: Philips Vereos Digital PET/CT 64-channel (128 slice) with iDose4

Location: NuMeRI Node for Infection Imaging

Function/Purpose: Three-dimensional imaging of positron-emitting radiotracers combined with conventional (x-ray) computed tomography. Allows for the dynamic, in-vivo imaging of various molecular processes correlated with anatomical images of high anatomical detail in human research participants.​

​Esco Biohazard Safety Cabinet

Location: NuMeRi Node for Infection Imaging - radiopharmacy

Airstream Class II Biological Safety Cabinet with laminar air flow

Function: to provide an environment for sterile and aseptic procedures.

Lablogic Thin Layer Chromatograph

Location: NuMeRi Node for Infection Imaging - radiopharmacy

Scan Ram 91A Radio TLC scanner

Laura GMP applications software

PMT/NaI remote detector

PMT/Plastic remote detector

Function: To determine the radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals using thin layer chromatography.


Charles River Nextgen PTS Reader

Location: NuMeRi Node for Infection Imaging - radiopharmacy

USP 21CFR part 11 compliant

Function: Portable Endotoxin Testing System


Perkin Elmer Clarus 580 gas chromatograph

Totalchrom GMP software

FID detector

Split/splitless inlet

105 vial Autosampler

Supelco SPB 624 fused silica capillary column 30 x 0.32 mm x 1.88 um film thickness

Location: NuMeRi Node for Infection Imaging - radiopharmacy

Function: identification and quantification of residual solvents in radiopharmaceutical/pharmaceutical preparations

Shimadzu Nexera XR  HPLC with an in-serie Raytest gamma detector

Location: NuMeRi Node for Infection Imaging - radiopharmacy

Shimadzu Nexera XR  HPLC

Labsolutions GMP software


CBM-20A Controller

A stand-alone system controller designed for maximum flexibility. Up to twelve LC modules and two channels of analog data can be connected for acquisition.


DGU-20A3R degassing unit

Removing dissolved gases in mobile phases is an important step for ensuring proper function of pump check valves, and to prevent outgassing in the detector flow cell. The degassing units feature extremely efficient degassing in a low-volume, compact design. Each degassing unit can be powered by a LC-20A or LC-30A series pump, and the pump control panel can display the degassing unit vacuum level


LC-20ADXR pump

The LC-20ADXR offers an extended pressure tolerance over traditional HPLC (up to 66 MPa) while maintaining stable solvent delivery with reliable performance across an extensive analytical flow rate range. This pump also includes automatic rinsing to ensure improved plunger seal life under high-pressure delivery conditions.


SIL-20ACXR Autosampler

The SIL-20ACXR is a direct injection (needle in flow path) autosampler that performs high-speed injections with high-precision for injecting trace quantities. It features an improved high-pressure valve with a pressure tolerance of 66 MPa.


CTO-20A/20AC Column Oven

CTO-20AC - Column Cooling Supported

The CTO-20AC can heat and cool the column compartment, utilizing a Peltier cooling device to provide sub-ambient conditions. Temperature control is regulated over a wide range, from 10ºC below room temperature to 85ºC, for increased reproducibility and separation performance.


High Pressure Switching Valve FCV-32AH

The FCV-32AH is a 2-position 6-port high pressure flow switching valve. It has a small volume, but a high maximum allowable pressure of 130 MPa. Since they can be installed inside the CTO-30A, they can be used to switch between two columns or used for automated pretreatment using an online pretreatment column


Photodiode array detector

SPD-M20A (Photodiode Array Detector)

 The SPD-M20A High Performance Liquid Chromatography PDA detector provides users with the most advanced level of sensitivity and stability found in today's PDA detectors. Sharing many of the qualities of the SPD-20A/20AV UV-Vis Detectors, the SPD-M20A attains sensitivity levels approaching the most advanced UV-Vis detectors. It has a high-sensitivity mode with an 8 nm slit width. Using light-source compensation, it offers a noise level of 0.6×10-5 AU, which is comparable to that of traditional UV-VIS detectors.

Function: to determine the chemical purity of radiopharmaceutical preparations.


Model: Raytest gamma detector

Location: NuMeRi Node for Infection Imaging - radiopharmacy

Raytest GabiStar gamma detector with Gina software

Gabi star 2.2"  NaI (Tl)  scintillation detector with pinhole 16 x30 mm

Gabi star 50 mm lead shielding for NaI (Tl) detector

Gabi stat flow  cell  for 2x 2 NaI (Tl) for 5 ul and 250 ul

Function: to determine the radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals