​​Microscopy Sample Preparation

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​Stellenbosch Campus:

Leica CM1860 UV Cryostat

Location: Mike de Vries building, Merrimen Avenue, Room 2024

  • ​UV disinfection and AgProtect nano-silver coating
  • Peltier cooling system: quick sample cooling to -40°C
  • Sectioning thickness range: 1 µm – 100 µm
  • Cryochamber Temperature control: 0 to -35 °C
  • Premium blade holder for high and low profile disposable blades.
  • Freestanding cryostat with encapsulated, splash-proof microtome.
  • Spacious, stainless-steel cryochamber with antiglare illumination.
  • Heated, removable sliding window.​

Function and Purpose:

With the Leica CM1860 UV Cryostat cryopreserved samples can be sectioned with precision into thin sections ranging from 1-100 µm for mounting onto microscope slides. The cryostat can operate in a temperature range from 0°C to -35°C, allowing for sectioning of a wide variety of samples while preserving biological integrity. The UV disinfection and AgProtect nano-silver coating allows for the safe sectioning of infectious samples.​


Quorum  Q150T E carbon sputter coater

Location: Chamber​ of Mines Building

  • Carbon sputter coater/metal evaporator 
  • Uses two 1/8 x12” carbon rods 
  • Thickness: 15 nm 
  • Vaccuum: 5x10-3 mbar ​

Leica EM ACE200 gold coater
Location: Chamber of Mines Building​​

  • Vaccuum: Ultimate Vaccuum smaller or equal to 7 x 10-3 mbar 
  • Thickness per coating: 10nm 
  • Sputter coating, directional, Glow discharge 
  • Can be configured as a Carbon coater ​

Tygerberg Campus:

Tousimis Autosamdri-931 Critical Point Dryer
Location: BMRI South, room 2107​​

Denton Sputter Coater

Location: BMRI South, room 2107​

​Leica UC7 Ultra-Microtome

Location: BMRI South, room 2107​

  • Sectioning Thickness: 80 - 1000nm 
  • Diamond  
  • Cutting Speed 
  • Motorized knife stage allows for programmable knife and cutting sequences which offer significant advantages for automated trimming ​​