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Register for a CAF ID​ 

​Complete the Biosafety Declaration Form​ (Only users of the fluorescence microscopes and cryostat) 

Make a booking:

Stellenbosch Microscopes

Tygerberg Medical Campus

Untrained users have to make a booking with an analyst for the same time slot as the booking on the microscopes.

​How to send samples for analysis by staff:


Sample submission form 

for fluorescence


Samples should be clearly labeled with full name, dat​​e,​ and contents

A turnaround time of approximately 1-2 weeks should be expected. ​Results will be available via Sharepoint/Google Drive or can be collected from the unit in person

Samples need to be collected within  month after completion of analysis or it will be discarded

Sample submission form 

for SEM​​​

External users to receive a quotation

External users to send a purchase order


The laboratory in the Mike de Vries building is a registered Biosafety level 2, so we need all our users to be aware of the hazards and procedures. 

Each user needs to complete a Biosafety declaration formbefore submitting samples or entering the laboratory.

​Users who do not have any background in biosafety can watch a video​​ we recorded on biosafety in our laboratory.

Everyone who requires card access will be required to complete a questionnaire to ensure they are aware of all hazards and procedures.​​

​Policy statement:

All users of the CAF Microscopy Unit are required to fully understand the potential hazards involved in using these facilities and to provide safety and hazard information regarding the samples submitted to the staff of the unit. Failure to do so can result in serious harm or disease. We request that all users read the applicable SOPs (ie. only the ones that apply to each user individually) of the unit and indicate which ones have been read and agreed to on the Sample Submission form.

As a BSL2 facility and GMO facility (in the Mike de Vries building), the Unit needs to report on all samples analysed in the unit. The biosafety hazard level and risk level of GM organisms have to be determined and communicated to all who are working in the laboratory.

No samples of risk level 3 or higher may be submitted to the unit. All samples have to be pro-actively assessed for appropriate risk level and only BSL2 or lower may be submitted to the laboratory according to the correct procedures.

​Standard Operating Procedures:

General procedures

Spills and exposure

Waste disposal

Biological sample handling and analysis

N​ano-material and non-biological sample handling and analysis

Biosafety cabinet II procedures​