​​3D Motion capture systems

Our motion capture systems allo​w us to track the movement of the human body at extremely high accuracies and speeds beyond the capabilities of video cameras and the naked eye. They also provide numerical data streams which allow deeper an​​alysis of musculoskeletal biomechanics when combined with other instruments such as force plates.

Optical systems

Camera-based systems employ stereophotogrammetry techniques to 'triangulate' the positions of markers mounted on the body from multiple views of the movement. This technology is the gold standard in motion capture.

Vicon Vantage V5 camera system:

  • Research grade marker tracking at up to 300Hz
  • Can capture large volumes with up an array of 10 cameras
  • High-end tripod system and advanced infrared strobes enable outdoor testing in full sunlight
  • 2 high-speed HD Bonita 720c video cameras (at up to 120 Hz)
  • Onboard camera sensors detect camera disturbances and provide intelligent feedback



Vicon T-series camera system:

  • Research grade marker tracking at up to 800Hz
  • Cameras can be transported to other indoor locations if needed
  • 2 high-speed Pentax video cameras (at up to 200 Hz)

Inertial systems

Wearable sensor units containing gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers are able to accurately sense their own rotations without needing external hardware. This makes them very portable and easy to deploy which is ideal for field testing applications.

Noraxon MyoMotion Research Pro:

  • Research-grade skeletal kinematics at up to 200Hz
  • Wireless wearable sensor data (gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer)
  • Full integration with HD video (Logitech Brio) or high-speed video (Noraxon Ninox) and wireless EMG.