Beckman Coulter DxFLEX





​The Beckman Coulter DxFLEX Performance characteristics:

  • ​  3 - laser set up configured with 13 channels of detection

Laser and bandpass configuration information with examples of appropriate fluorochromes:

DxFLEX Configuration

  • User friendly and free software for data acquisition and analyzes, with various operating tools to create analyses dot plots and histograms with gates and statistics

  • A great addition to the software design is the ability to change X and Y scaling of up tp 7 logarithmic decades as well as adjusting compensation directly on the graph.

  • Sample loader can accommodate 32 FACS tubes or a 96 well plate (round bottom preferred)

  • Automated sample acquisition with an acquisition speed of up to 30 000 events per second

  • Automated recording and export of data to a user defined folder location

  • Avalanche Photodiode detectors instead of PMTs, equates to low electronic noise and enhanced resolution

  • Automated quality control of parameters: laser delay, laser power, channel gains, fluorescent intensity, rCV

  • Software: CytExpert for DxFLEX

  • Volumetric system allows for the enumeration of events (events/μl) eliminating the need of counting beads​​

  • IVD certified instrument


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