​​​Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Sample Requirements

Service and sample requirements for external clients:

​1. Register as a CAF client, if you have not done so already. Follow the client ID registration link on the CAF main page.
2. Download, complete and return the NMR application form available on the downloads page.
3. Courier the vacuum-dried and sealed samples to our physical address.

NMR: around 1-50mg vacuum dried material is the norm, depending on your solubility. For a good carbon spectra you would aim for more than 1-5mg if possible. The higher your concentration, while still dissolved, the better and faster your results. Test that the solvent you select, dissolves all your material completely (no suspensions). Test solubility with normal protonated solvents. You should have a clear see-through solution. It is wise to first check your sample’s purity and concentration, by requesting a quotation for a 1H NMR experiment first, before you proceed with other less sensitive 1D and 2D experiments (see latest prices per hour). Choose from the experiment guide on the downloads
page or the application form. Ensure that you have some literature that will aid you in interpreting the NMR experiments that you have selected on the application form; and attach one paper, with the application form, which describes what you have in mind.

** Remove all water and/or organic solvents from your sample under a stream of air/N2 and then overnight under vacuum. Seal your vials/tubes before shipping. You are welcome to prepare your own samples dissolved in 600-750ul deuterated solvent and courier us the sealed NMR tubes.

International clients are charged commercial rates and need to effect payment in advance.

Mnova or Topspin for processing your own data: or Indicate on the application form under special
requests, if you will require processing or interpretation/structure elucidation of your spectra by us.

CD Spectrometer

  • Basic operation
  • Internal students, who have training, can book directly on the CD instrument calendar under the Outlook shared calendars, add the cdspectropolarimeter@sun.ac.za shared calendar.
  • Small molecule users would need approximately 0.5-1mg vacuum dried sample and indicate the preferred solvent according to their supplied literature. Protein users need >150ul sample at ​100-200ug/ml concentrations. Estimate concentrations, path lengths and buffers from similar literature.​