Flow Cytometry_BD FACSJazz Cell Sorter

The BD FACSJazz™ performance characteristics

  • A set up of 3 lasers with 6 fluorescent channels of detection

Laser and bandpass configuration information with examples of appropriate fluorochromes:

 BD FACSJazz™ Configuration

  • Sample input format: min vol 200µl from 12 x 75 mm polypropylene tubes

  • 2-way sorting: 2 different cell populations sorted, simultaneously, into separate collection tubes

  • High speed of sorting (10 000 events per second)

  • High degree of purity and yield

  • Multi-sample collection formats:  5 ml and15 mL tubes, 96- and 384-well plates, slides, Petri dishes or other custom collection devices.

  • Software: BD FACS™ Sortware sorter software​

  • Manual set up of the droplet breakoff, sort streams and drop delay measurement



The BD FACSJazz™ can be used for sorting from any type of heterogenous suspension (human cells to microorganism) for downstream culturing or detailed molecular, genetic and protein analyses.

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