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​​​​​​​​​​​​Functions of the ​​Council

The Council of Stellenbosch University governs this higher education institution and the institutional statute. The full function and composition of the Council is contained in the Statute of Stellenbosch University.​​


SU Council is composed in terms of par 6 of the Statute of the University 

  Council member Current term from Current term to External /  Internal
Rector and Vice- ChancellorProf WJS (Willem Johan Simon)  de Villiers01.04.202031.03.2025Internal
Deputy Vice-Chancellor appointed by  RectorProf NN (Nico Norman) Koopman01.01.202231.12.2022Internal
Chief Operating  OfficerProf SA (Stanislaus Alexander) du         Plessis01.01.201831.12.2022Internal
Elected by SenateDr TD (Therese Diane) Fish01.01.202231.12.2023Internal
Prof LLL (Lesley Lionel Leonard) Le Grange01.07.202230.06.2024Internal
Prof N (Nicola) Smit01.01.202231.12.2023Internal
Elected by permanent academic staff  (non-Senate members)Vacant01.07.202230.06.2024Internal
Elected by permanent administrative and support staffMs P (Penny) van der Bank06.04.202205.04.2024Internal
Appointed by  Council

Mr AV (Ainsley Victor) Moos

Chair from 03.12.2021

Ms N (Nadine) Moodie18.06.201917.06.2023External
Elected by Students' Representative       CouncilMs PS (Phiwokhule) Qabaka21.09.202220.09.2023Internal
Ms M (Masilo) Silokazi21.09.202220.09.2023Internal
Appointed by Minister of Higher Education and TrainingMr AR (Anthony Roger) Dietrich24.05.202123.05.2025External
Ms V (Vuyiswa) Doo24.05.202123.05.2025External
Ms TS (Theodora   Sindiswa) Lingela01.01.201931.12.2023External
Dr T (Tsakani) Ngomane01.10.201830.09.2022External
Ms Z (Ziyanda) Stuurman13.07.202112.07.2025External
Elected by ConvocationDr JC (Jan Christiaan) Heunis08.10.202107.10.2025External
Dr L (Leon) Schreiber02.04.202201.04.2026External
Mr WA (Willem Albertus) Liebenberg02.04.202201.04.2026External
Appointed by  Council of Stellenbosch MunicipalityAdv GGM (Gesina Maria Magdalena) van Deventer04.04.202203.04.2026External
Appointed by the Premier of the Western Cape ProvinceMr DJ (Daniël Johannes) Rossouw01.08.202231.07.2026External
Elected by DonorsMr HR (Hubert René) Brody02.04.202201.04.2026External
Mr JJ (Jan  Jonathan) Durand02.04.202001.04.2024External
Dr N (Nicola) Newton-King02.04.202201.04.2026External​