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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: I didn't receive a PIN

      A: Either your number has changed, or an allowance has not been allocated to you yet. Please ensure that your institution or funder has the correct details

      Q: How to activate your cash allowance
       Please click on here​ for a step-by-step guide on how to activate your cash allowance.

      Q: I don't have the option to enter bank details

      A: A cash allowance has not been allocated to you yet. You will receive an SMS when the allocation has been done. Please ensure that your cell phone number is up to date.


      Q: I didn't receive the verification email

      A: The email address we have on your account may be incorrect. Please check that this is correct and send us an email to update it.


      Q: I can't update my email address or cell phone number

      A: For security reasons, we cannot allow you to update these details. Please send us an email from the email address you wish to update to, or call us to update the cell phone number


      Q: I received the email, and I clicked on the link, but it says “Verification Failed"

      A: You probably clicked on the “Delete Pending Verification" button. Please sign out, enter your bank details again, wait for the email and then click verify. DO NOT click on the “Delete Pending Verification" button.


      Q: I've updated my bank details. When will I receive my payment

      A: Bank payments are usually processed on a Tuesday and Friday. On these days, we send a payment instruction to your bank. It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to reflect on your bank account