Undergraduate Bursaries & Loans
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Academic requirements for continuation of bursaries and loans

All students who receive financial assistance (whether bursaries or bursary loans) on the grounds of neediness must accumulate at least 0.6 HEMIS credits to qualify for the continuation of their bursaries and bursary loans in the following year.

Student who pass fewer than 0.6 HEMIS credits will be granted only one more chance of being considered for continuation of their bursaries and loans. Students who fail to accumulate 0.6 of their HEMIS credits for a second time will not be considered for any further financial assistance, and will have to find their own funds for continuing their studies.​

Reporting funds received from sources external to SU​

Given the limitation of institutional funds, we encourage students to also apply for external financial aid. Upon receiving external financial aid; bursaries, and/or loans, and/or trusts, and/or scholarship(s), students are required to inform the Centre in writing as this may impact the amount of aid they receive from SU. Any decrease in aid arising from such notifications enables SU to provide support to other financially needy students.

In the instance where you are a recruitment bursary holder and you received external bursaries, Stellenbosch University reserves the right to cancel and replace your recruitment bursary with the external funds.

Suspending studies​

The merit bursaries or any other financial assistance offered by the University to students who discontinues their studies in the first semester, will be cancelled.

We encourage all students who receive financial assistance to consult the terms and conditions of their specific financial aid.
The relevant financial aid practitioner can also be visited at the Bursaries and Loans office in the Admin A Building for a thorough consultation.

Given that the date of termination has a direct impact on possible financial liability, we would also recommend that you visit the Student Fees Office for guidance.