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Welcome to​​ Bursaries & Loans

We support prospective and c​urrent students who want to apply for financial aid. 
We enable​ sustainable access through excellent client service.​ 

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Coronavirus Update:

Attention Undergraduate Student,

 Stellenbosch University (SU) is closely monitoring the developments surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. In an effort to limit personal contact and protect all parties, the Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans located on the Stellenbosch Campus, Administration A Building, is preferably not receiving walk-in clients. For general undergraduate funding matters, please write to info@sun.ac.za.

Notice from ICBC​​​​

Please read the latest update from the Institutional Committee for Business Continuity (ICBC): Immediate steps to curb​ spread of CO​VID-19

Due to the increased number of covid-19 infections, we will only allow students who have made a booking through the Admin A Building Booking System to enter the CUBL. PLEASE MAKE A BOOKING HERE.  ​

Please schedule a virtual meeting through MS TEAMS, as this is the preferred mode of communication. Calls to our center will be answered by our Contact and Client Services, who can be reached at 021 808 9111.

Financial Support:

Registration Webinar
Please watch this video to familiarise yourselves with the different financial aid options offered by our centre​​https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zFnnYk7MAmY&feature=youtu.be



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Contact details

Stellenbosch Campus

​Phone: +27 21 808 9111

Address: Admin A, Ryneveldt Street, Stellenbosch
Phone: +27 21 808 9111
Email: info@sun.ac.za
Monday - Friday 8:00-16:30​​

Tygerberg Campus

Phone: 021 938 9129
Address: Kliniese Building, Francie van Zijl, Tygerberg
Phone: +27 21 808 9111
Email: info@sun.ac.za
Monday - Friday 8:00-16:30

Enquiries and consultation hours during the current Covid-19 pandemic: work-from-home arrangement

Enquiries Office

Skype calls:
08:00 - 16:30

NSFAS enquiries: nsfas@sun.ac.za 

SU enquiries: sunfinaid@sun.ac.za 

E-application enquiries​ and documentation: 

Bursary Coordinators

TEAMS Consultation hours:

09:30 - 12:30 
13:45 - 15:00

Bookings made through the
Admin A Booking System

Skype calls:

9:30 to 12:30

Note the following
All skype calls will have to be made via our Centre for Client Services (021 808 9111)

This ensures that our Centre for Client Service assist with the first layer of general enquiries on bursaries and loans.

TEAMS-consultations (maximum of 10 minutes per enquiry) will be scheduled by the relevant Bursary Officer after receipt of an email by the student to explain the context of the enquiry.