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Doris Crossley Trust


Doris Crossley Trust


The Harry Crossley Foundation and The Doris Crossley Foundation are private funder or grant making organizations operating in Cape Town with their main focus being on tertiary Education and research.

Mr and Mrs Crossley saw the benefit of both tertiary education and research and both left virtually their entire independent estates for the formation of their individual Foundations.

Would you like to apply?​​​​

Please make sure that this application form is accompanied with the relevant attachments and forwarded to blinfo@sun.ac.za.

   The following rules apply with submission of a 2021 SU External Funders application:


  1. The email subject must be the student number ONLY, example: 12345678
  2. All documentation submitted must be in pdf format as:
  3. Example of submission “Student Number_Document Description", example: 123456_DIPPENAAR FAMILY TRUST or 123456_MOM ID COPY
  4. PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted attachments with your SU Financial Aid Application, there is no need to resubmit.​