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The Unit offers several work sessions that will assist you to manage time and stress, prepare for tests and exams, and develop better study techniques.

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Ace Test Preparation: Boost Exam Performance 📝

Join this session focused on motivating students to apply efficient preparation skills before and during tests and exams. Discover vital skills and optimal study methods for peak performance in the heat of exams. Gain insights into best practices for time management, staying balanced and organized to maximize productivity during tests and exams. Learn effective distress tolerance strategies to endure in coping with stress and to overcome panic during prolonged test periods.​

Boost Your Focus and Concentration🎯🚀 

In a world full of distractions, staying focused can be a real challenge. Join us for an empowering session where we delve into the reasons behind distractions that hinder productivity. Enhance your academic productivity and don't let distractions stop you from achieving your goals! Identifying when seeking professional intervention is crucial if you're worried about your ability to concentrate. Discover practical strategies to sharpen your focus, overcome distractions, and maximize concentration.

Bounce Back from Failure 🎓💪

Are you struggling to bounce back after an academic setback? Remember, obstacles are a natural part of university life, but your response is key to determining your success! This session offers a safe space to share, understand disappointments, and process the emotional impact of failure-related experiences. Gain valuable tips to cultivate a growth mindset and reframe limiting beliefs. Embrace personal growth, build resilience, and practice self-compassion on your academic journey. Seize this opportunity to design an updated roadmap for bouncing back stronger and making progress in your studies.

How do Risks and Boundaries influence Student Wellness? 🌈✨

Curious about the impact of risks and boundaries on your well-being as a university student? Join us for an enlightening session that unpacks the intriguing relationship between these elements. Discover key principles for achieving optimal student wellness and understand why responsible risk-taking is essential in fostering personal growth. Learn strategies to identify and avoid dangerous risks, ways to establish healthy boundaries, and simple self-care activities to practice daily.

Lunch hour with Erna ☕​

It's an open invitation on Thursdays to any student who wants to connect with fellow humans on campus for a discussion about student life. You are welcome if your plate feels somewhat too heavy (for whatever reason) to carry on your own that d​​​ay/week. ​

Managing Stress and Academic Burnout 😓🔥 

Experiencing stress as a tertiary student is normal, but it's essential to distinguish between stress and academic burnout. Don’t let stress or burnout put your academic journey at risk. Join us for a session that sheds light on the difference between the two. Reclaim joy in studying as we explore effective strategies to manage stress and address academic burnout. Take charge of your well-being and potential to thrive while navigating the demands of student life! 

Navigating Stress 🧠

Feeling overwhelmed by stress? Don't let it hold you back! Join this session and equip yourself with practical tips to develop healthier coping mechanisms, conquer stress, and regain your peace of mind. Gain a deeper understanding of your unique stress responses by learning how to identify physical, emotional, mental, and behavioural signs of stress. Additionally, you'll gain valuable knowledge on when to seek professional intervention to alleviate stress.​

Plan your time 🕒

What is holding you back from using time effectively? This workshop is designed to enhance your understanding of your current time management and to help you discover smarter ways to prioritize, schedule, and plan your time more effectively. The aim is to empower you in optimizing your time management skills for a healthy work-life balance. You will learn valuable techniques and strategies to adjust, replace, or enhance the way you manage your time, enabling you to make the most of your valuable resource – time.​

Regulating Intense Emotions: Find Balance 🎭🌈 

Are you struggling to control intense feelings? Maintaining emotional balance in the face of life's curveballs can be challenging! Join us in exploring effective strategies to identify, understand, and regulate overwhelming emotions in healthy ways. Gain valuable tips to build resilience and self-confidence in dealing with emotional triggers and meltdowns.

Self-development 🌱💪

The self-development session is a mediated self-reflective session that focuses on promoting self-management, identifying strength and growth areas; setting realistic goals, and living a balanced life to improve overall wellbeing.

Socialisation and relationships ​​👋​​

This work session touches on why we socialise and seek relationships as humans. It also looks at four relationship types, namely Love, Friendship, Business and Security relationships.  We explore components of love relationships and how the intensity of these components results in different relationship types. This promises to be knowledgeable and fun!​

The Link: Self-Discipline and Motivation 💪🔗

Are you struggling with self-discipline and motivation? Take courage, you are not alone! Explore the powerful connection between self-discipline and motivation in this session. Understand how these two key factors work together to drive personal and academic success. Unlock simple secrets to harness self-discipline and gain practical tips to inspire motivation.

The Power of Peers: Accountability in Goal Setting ⚡🤝

Feeling stuck with goal setting and accountability? Join us for an empowering session to guide you in goal setting and help you in taking ownership of your academic potential. Harness the power of peer accountability to foster collaborative motivation. Discover practical strategies to set SMART goals that align with your personal aspirations. Develop an action plan that cultivates self-discipline and propels you toward success. 

Upgrade your Study Skills 📚

Do your study methods need an update? Join this session designed to reflect on your current strategies. Explore well-researched study techniques customized for university students and gain a competitive edge in your studies. Delve into intriguing discussions on learning styles, sensory preferences, and how brain functioning impacts studying for different individuals. Build valuable insights into effective note-taking methods, organization techniques for optimal productivity, maintaining focus during study sessions, retention techniques for better memory, and effective pacing while juggling coursework.

​🌟​How to apply

Our work sessions are offered either online or in-person. Please check the programme for more information. If you would like to participate in any of our work sessions e-mail us at studysuccess@sun.ac.za. Work sessions are fr​ee. You can also schedule an intake session with one of our professional counsellors or psychologists who will assess you to determine the type of support needed. We also encourage students to first join the Self-development session before requesting individual support.

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