Center for Student Counseling & Development
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24 Hour Crisis Service


The purpose of the service is to act promptly around emotional distress/trauma when the integrity of the individual and/or the environment is under threat.

Psychological crises would include the following: death of someone close to you, suicide, accidents, rape, sexual abuse, depression, divorce, stressful situations/ examinations, serious relationship problems etc. The service is fully aligned with the safety and risk system of SU. Partners include medical practitioners, Campus Health, academic and support staff, SU Campus Security and the SAPS

We are located at 49 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch. Shoprite/Checkers supports the 24-hour Crisis Service at US.

We are proud to announce to you that Stellenbosch University has secured a contract whereby you as a student will enjoy professional 24 hour crisis service through ER24. For more information, please click here.