2021 Publications (CAF facilities used)

Journal articles

ADEDAYO BC, ANYASI TA, TAYLOR MJC, RAUTENBACH F, LE ROES-HILL M, JIDEANI VA. Phytochemical composition and antioxidant properties of methanolic extracts of whole and dehulled Bambara groundnut (Vigna Subterranea) seeds. Scientific Reports 2021; 11(14116):1-11.

AKURUGU WA, VAN HEERDEN CJ, MULDER N, ZÖLLNER EWA. Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression in asthma: A glucocorticoid receptor polymorphism may protect. PEDIATRIC ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY 2021; 32:273-279.

BOODHOO K, VLOK NM, TABB D, MYBURGH KH, VAN DE VYVER M. Dysregulated healing responses in diabetic wounds occur in the early stages postinjury. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY 2021; 66(2):141-155.

BUCHEL D, LEHMANN T, ULLRICH S, COCKCROFT SJ, LOUW QA, BAUMEISTER J. Stance leg and surface stability modulate cortical activity during human single leg stance. EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2021; 239(4):1193-1202.

DORUYTER AGG, HOLNESS JL. Dual energy window imaging for optimisation of P/V ratios in VP SPECT. EJNMMI Physics 2021; 8(69):1-15.

DORUYTER AGG, PARKES J, WARWICK JM, CARR JA. PET-CT in brain disorders: The South African context. SA Journal of Radiology  2021; 25(1):1-9.

DU PLESSIS HW, HOFF JW, MOKWENA LM, VAN DER RIJST M, JOLLY N. Impact of Yeast Selection on Volatile Phenol Levels of Wines Produced from Smoked-Exposed Juice. Fermentation 2021; 7(240):1-12.

ELLERO AA, VAN DEN BOUT I, VLOK NM, CROMARTY AD, HURRELL T. Continual proteomic divergence of HepG2 cells as a consequence of long-term spheroid culture. Scientific Reports 2021; 11(10917):1-14.

GOUSSARD P, ANDRONIKOU S, MFINGWANA L, RABIE H, JANSON JT, DORUYTER AGG, MORRISON J, DONALD PR. Extensive pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis in a child presenting with a chest wall abscess: The value of different modes of imaging. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2021; 57(17):1105-1108.

GROBBELAAR LM, VENTER C, VLOK NM, NGOEPE MN, LAUBSCHER GJ, LOURENS PJ, STEENKAMP J, KELL DB, PRETORIUS E. SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: implications for microclot formation in COVID-19. Bioscience Reports 2021; 41:BSR20210611, 17 pages.

JANSE VAN RENSBURG S, HATTINGH CJ, JOHANNES CL, MOREMI KE, PEETERS AV, VAN HEERDEN CJ, ERASMUS RT, ZEMLIN A, KEMP M, JAFTHA M, WAMONO-SMALLBONE AK, POTOCNIK FCV, WHATI L, ENGEL-HILLS PC, VAN TOORN R, KOTZE MJ. Pathology-supported genetic testing as a method for disability prevention in multiple sclerosis (MS). Part II. Insights from two MS cases. Metabolic Brain Disease 2021; 36:1169-1181.

JOOMA JA, WARWICK JM, DORUYTER AGG. Is progressive accumulation of radiolabelled white cells a valid positive criterion in suspected vascular graft/endograft infections?. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF VASCULAR AND ENDOVASCULAR SURGERY 2021; 61(3):529-530.

KASEKE T, FAWOLE OA, MOKWENA LM, OPARA UL. Effect of cultivar and blanching of pomegranate seeds on physicochemical properties, nutritional qualities and antioxidant capacity of extracted oil. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization 2021; 15:93-106.

KLEYNHANS J, RUBOW SM, LE ROUX JS, MARJANOVIC-PAINTER B, ZEEVAART J, EBENHAN T. Production of [68Ga] Ga-PSMA: Comparing a manual kit-based method with a module-based automated synthesis approach. Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 2020; 63(13):553-563.

LE ROUX JS, KLEYNHANS J, RUBOW SM. The use of HEPES-buffer in the production of gallium-68 radiopharmaceuticals - time to reconsider strict pharmacopoeial limits ?. EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 2021; 6:4 pages.

LE ROUX JS, RUBOW SM, EBENHAN T. A comparison of labelling characteristics of manual and automated synthesis methods for gallium-68 lablled ubiquicidin. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 2021; 168:6 pages.

LE ROUX ML, BURGER FFV, VLOK NM, KUNERT KJ, CULLIS CA, OBERHOLSTER A. EMS Derived Wheat Mutant BIG8-1 (Triticum aestivum L.)—A New Drought Tolerant Mutant Wheat Line. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021; 22(10):5314, 23 pages.

LEHMAN BP, JAVAL M, DU PLESSIS A, TSHIBALANGANDA M, TERBLANCHE JS. X-ray micro-tomographic data of live larvae of the beetle Cacosceles newmannii . GigaByte 2021; 18:1-8.

MAGANGANA TP, MAKUNGA NP, LA GRANGE C, STANDER MA, FAWOLE OA, OPARA UL. Blanching Pre-Treatment Promotes High Yields, Bioactive Compounds, Antioxidants, Enzyme Inactivation and Antibacterial Activity of ‘Wonderful’ Pomegranate Peel Extracts at Three Different Harvest Maturities. Antioxidants 2021; 10(7):1119, 25 pages.

MAGANGANA TP, STANDER MA, MASONDO N, MAKUNGA NP. Steviol glycoside content and essential oil profiles of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni in response to NaCl and polyethylene glycol as inducers of salinity and drought stress in vitro. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 2021; 145:1-18.

MOSEKIEMANG TT, STANDER MA, DE VILLIERS AJ. Ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography coupled to travelling wave ion mobility-time of flight mass spectrometry for the screening of pharmaceutical metabolites in wastewater samples: Application to antiretrovirals. Journal of Chromatography A 2021; 1660:462650: 13.

NDOU V, PIETERSE PJ, BRAND DJ, VORSTER AA, LOUW A, PHIRI EE. Mechanism(s) of glyphosate resistance in a selected Plantago lanceolata (L.) R biotype. Agronomy 2021; 11(5):884, 12 pages.

PRETORIUS E, VLOK NM, VENTER C, BEZUIDENHOUT JA, LAUBSCHER GJ, STEENKAMP J, KELL DB. Persistent clotting protein pathology in Long COVID/Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) is accompanied by increased levels of antiplasmin. Cardiovascular Diabetology 2021; 20:172, 18 pages.

RAUTENBACH M, KUMAR V, VOSLOO JA, MASOUDI Y, VAN WYK RJ, STANDER MA. Oligomerisation of tryptocidine C, a Trp-rich cyclodecapeptide from the antimicrobial tyrothricin complex. Biochimie 2021; 181:123-133.

SAMANTA S, CLOETE R, LOOCK JC, ROSSOUW RT, ROYCHOUDHURY AN. Determination of Trace Metal (Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Co, Cd andPb) Concentrations in Seawater Using Single Quadrupole ICP-MS: A Comparison between Offline and OnlinePreconcentration Setups. Minerals 2021; 11:1.

TOPLIS B, BOSCH C, STANDER MA, TAYLOR MJC, PERFECT JR, BOTHA A. A link between urease and polyamine metabolism in Cryptococcus neoformans . Microbial Pathogenesis 2021; 158:105076, 7 pages.

VAN SCHALKWYK FJ, STANDER MA, NSIZWANE M, MATHEE A, VAN WYK B-E. Fatal pyrrolizidine alkaloid poisoning of infants caused by adulterated Senecio coronatus. FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL 2021; 320:110680, 7 pages.

WEBSTER AB, GANSWINDT A, ROSSOUW RT, SMALL CW. Optimised ICP-MS quantification method for using animal faeces as a measure of protected area ecosystem health. MethodsX 2021; 8(101441):1-14.

WEBSTER AB, ROSSOUW RT, CALLEALTA FJ, BENNETT NC, GANSWINDT A. Assessment of trace element concentrations in sediment and vegetation of mesic and arid African savannahs as indicators of ecosystem health. Science of the Total Environment 2021; 760(143358):1-15.

WILLIAMS C, MBUYANE LL, BAUER FF, MOKWENA LM, DIVOL BT, BUICA AS. A Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method for the Determination of Fatty Acids and Sterols in Yeast and Grape Juice. Applied Sciences 2021; 11:5152, 17 pages.

Proceedings International

GOSS DM, AYAD BM, VLOK NM, HATTINGH SM, VAN DER HORST G, DU PLESSIS SS. Proteomics and Biomarker Identification in Improved Sperm Motility Parameters After 4 h of Ejaculatory Abstinence. In: Björndahl L, Flanagan J, Holmberg R, Kvist U (eds.) XIIIth International Symposium on Spermatology, Switzerland, Switzerland, Springer Nature 2021: 345-364.

Chapters in Books

LUMKWANA D, ENGELBRECHT L, LOOS B. Monitoring autophagy using super-resolution structured illumination and direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy. In: Galluzzi L, Kepp O (eds.) Methods in Cell Biology. Monitoring Vesicular Trafficking in Cellular Responses to Stress - Part B, Academic Press, London, United Kingdom, 2021: 139-152.​

2020 Publications (CAF facilities used)

Journal Articles​

CLEMENS JD, STEVENS G, LE ROUX SG, Wallis GL. Mafic schlieren, crystal accumulation and differentiation in granitic magmas: an integrated case study. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology.

CHISAMBI JJ,  VON DER HEYDEN BP,  TSHIBALANGANDA M, LE ROUX SG. Gold exploration in two and three dimensions: improved and correlative insights from microscopy and X-Ray computed tomography. Minerals.

VAN ROOYEN D, YADAV R, SCOTT EE, SWART AC. CYP17A1 exhibits 17αhydroxylase/17,20-lyase activity towards 11β-hydroxyprogesterone and 11-ketoprogesterone metabolites in the C11-oxy backdoor pathway. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

VOSLOO JA, RAUTENBACH M. Following tyrothricin peptide production by Brevibacillus parabrevis with electrospray mass spectrometry. Biochimie.

NEVELING D,  AHIRE J, LAUBSCHER WE, RAUTENBACH M, DICKS LMT. Correction to: Genetic and Phenotypic Characteristics of a Multi‑strain Probiotic for Broilers. Current Microbiology.

Lübcker N, BLOEM LM, DU TOIT T, SWART P, DE BRUYN PJN, SWART AC, Millar RP. What’s in a whisker? High-throughput analysis of twenty-eight C19 and C21 steroids in mammalian whiskers by ultra-performance convergence chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies In The Biomedical And Life Sciences.

DU TOIT T, VAN ROOYEN D, STANDER MA, ATKIN SL, SWART AC. Analysis of 52 C19 and C21 steroids by UPC2-MS/MS: Characterising the C11-oxy steroid metabolome in serum. Journal Of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies In The Biomedical And Life Sciences.

MASIKE K, DE VILLIERS AJ, HOFFMAN EW, BRAND DJ, CAUSON T, STANDER MA. Detailed phenolic characterization of Protea pure and hybrid cultivars by liquid chromatography-ion mobility-high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-IM-HR-MS). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

LYONS C, TSHIBALANGANDA M, DU PLESSIS A. Using CT-scanning technology to quantify damage of the stem-boring beetle, Aphanasium australe, a biocontrol agent of Hakea sericea in South Africa. Biocontrol Science and Technology.

BERETTA S, GARGOURIMOTLAGH M, FOLETTI S, DU PLESSIS A, RICCO M. Fatigue Strength assessment of 'as built AISi10Mg manufactured my SLM with difference build orientations. International Journal of Fatigue.

DU PLESSIS A, ELS J, LE ROUX SG, TSHIBALANGANDA M, PRETORIUS T. Data for 3D printing enlarged museum specimens for the visually impaired. GigaScience.

DU PLESSIS A, TSHIBALANGANDA M, LE ROUX SG. Not all scans are equal: X-ray tomography image quality evaluation. Materials Today Communications.

LEHMANN T, BUCHEL D, COCKCROFT SJ, LOUW QA, BAUMEISTER J. Modulations of inter-hemispherical phase coupling in human single leg stance. Neuroscience.

BERNER K, COCKCROFT SJ, MORRIS LD, LOUW QA. Concurrent validity and within-session reliability of gait kinematics measured using an inertial motion capture system with repeated calibration. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

BERNER K, COCKCROFT SJ, LOUW QA. Kinematics and temporospatial parameters during gait from inertial motion capture in adults with and without HIV: a validity and reliability study. Biomedical Engineering Online.

MOORE K, COCKCROFT SJ, LOUW QA, BRINK Y. Single leg hopping in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Dynamic postural stability and kinematics. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

LE ROUX ML, BURGER NFV,  VLOK NM, KUNERT K, CULLIS CA, OBERHOLSTER A. Wheat Line “RYNO3936” Is Associated With Delayed Water Stress-Induced Leaf Senescence and Rapid Water-Deficit Stress Recovery. Frontiers in Plant Science.

OLUWOLE OG, KUIVANIEMI SH, ABRAHAMS S, HAYLETT WL, VORSTER AA, VAN HEERDEN CJ.  Targeted next-generation sequencing identifies novel variants in candidate genes for Parkinson's disease in Black South African and Nigerian patients.  BMC Medical Genetics.

ADAMS KT, DONALD PR, ABULFATHI AA, DIACON AH, STANDER MA, REUTER H. Pharmacokinetics of Para-Aminosalicylic Acid and Its 2 Major Metabolites:A Potential Relationship to the Development of Gastrointestinal Intolerance. Journal Of Clinical Pharmacology.

KLEYNHANS EP, GORDON HW. Legislative disconnect or institutional gatekeeping? Challenges of researching South Africa's military past. Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies.

REYNEKE B, KHAN S, FERNÁNDEZ-IBÁÑEZC P, KHAN W. Podoviridae bacteriophage for the biocontrol of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in rainwater†. Environmental Science-Water Research & Technology.

REYNEKE B, NDLOVU T, VINCENT MB, MARTÍNEZ-GARCÍA A, POLO-LÓPEZ MI, FERNÁNDEZ-IBÁÑEZC P, FERRERO G, KHAN S, MCGUIGAN KG, KHAN W.  Validation of large-volume batch solar reactors for the treatment of rainwater in field trials in sub-Saharan Africa. Science of the Total Environment.

ZONYANE S, FAWOLE OA, LA GRANGE C, STANDER MA, OPARA UL, MAKUNGA NP. The implication of chemotypic variation on the anti-oxidant and anti-cancer activities of sutherlandia frutescens (L.) R.Br. (fabaceae) from different geographic locations. Antioxidants.

Kaigongi MM, Lukhoba CW, Ochieng PJ, TAYLOR MJC, Yenesew A, MAKUNGA NP. LC-MS-Based Metabolomics for the Chemosystematics of Kenyan Dodonaea viscosa Jacq (Sapindaceae) Populations. Molecules.

SEBIKALI MJ, WARWICK JM, DORUYTER AGG. Combined versus subtraction-only technique in parathyroid scintigraphy: effect on scan interpretation. Nuclear Medicine Communications.

MEKONNEN  BW, JANSEN-NIENABER K, RAZACK R, DORUYTER AGG, PITCHER RD. Syphilitic pancreatitis: A rare mimicker of our time. SAMJ South African Medical Journal.

MALHERBE  ST, Chen RY, DUPONT P, KANT  IMJ, KRIEL M, LOXTON AG, SMITH. Quantitative 18F-FDG PET-CT scan characteristics correlate with tuberculosis treatment response. EJNMMI Research.

HUNTER EW, STANDER MA, KOSSMANN JM, CHAKRABORTY S, PRINCE S, PETERS SW, LOEDOLFF  B. Toward the identification of a phytocannabinoid-like compound in the flowers of a South African medicinal plant (Leonotis leonurus). BMC Research Notes.

XONTI  A, HUNTER EW, KULU NN, MABOEEI PM, STANDER MA, KOSSMANN JM. Diversification of health-promoting phytochemicals in radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) and kale (Brassica oleracea) micro-greens using high light bio-fortification. Functional Foods in Health and Disease.

BELAY ZA, OLUWAFEMI J.C., VORSTER AA, VAN HEERDEN CJ, OPARA UL. Transcriptomic changes associated with husk scald incidence on pomegranate fruit peel during cold storage. Food Research International.

MADLAKANA  N, STEVENS G, BRACCIALI L. Paleoproterozoic amphibolite facies retrogression and exhumation of Archean metapelitic granulites in the Southern Marginal Zone of the Limpopo Belt, South Africa. Precambrian Research.

LUKMAN V, ODEYEMI SW, ROTH RL, MBABALA L, TSHILILO NO,  VLOK NM, DEWAR MJB, KENYON  CP. Novel kinase platform for the validation of the anti-tubercular activities of Pelargonium sidoides (Geraniaceae). Bmc Biotechnology.

ALAWODE AO, AMIANDAMHEN SO, JOUBERT L, MEINCKEN M, TYHODA L. Performance evaluation of a natural based adhesive derived from Irvingia wood species kernel extracts on wood panel production. Journal Of Adhesion Science And Technology.

MISHRA AM, MISHRA H, CHEGOU NN, TROMP GC, VAN HEERDEN CJ, PIETERSEN RD. Distinct host-immune response toward species related intracellular mycobacterial killing: A transcriptomic study. Virulence.

MCKAY MA, BAUER FF, PANZERI V, BUICA AS. Investigation of olfactory interactions of low levels of five off-flavour causing compounds in a red wine matrix. Food Research International.

MCKAY  MA, BAUER FF, PANZERI  V, BUICA AS. Perceptual interactions and characterisation of odour quality of binary mixtures of volatile phenols and 2-isobutyl-3-methoxypyrazine in a red wine matrix. Journal of Wine Research.

​2019 Publications (CAF facilities used)

Journal Articles

​DREYER J, RAUTENBACH  M, BOOYSEN E , VAN STADEN  ADP, DEANE  SM, DICKS LMT. Xenorhabdus khoisanae SB10 produces Lys-rich PAX lipopeptides and a Xenocoumacin in its antimicrobial complex. BMC Microbiology 2019; 19.

GENT R, DU TOIT  T, SWART  AC. 11α-Hydroxyprogesterone, a potent 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitor, is metabolised by steroid-5α-reductase and cytochrome P450 17α-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase to produce C11α-derivatives of 21-deoxycortisol and 11-hydroxyandrostenedione in vitroJournal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; 191.

SASS G, MADIGAN RT, JOUBERT  L, BOZZI A, SAYED N, WU JC, STEVENS DA. A Combination of Itraconazole and Amiodarone Is Highly Effective against Trypanosoma cruzi Infection of Human Stem Cell–Derived Cardiomyocytes. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; 101

REID M, BORDY EM, TAYLOR WL, LE ROUX SG, DU PLESSIS  A. A micro X-ray computed tomography dataset of fossil echinoderms in an ancient obrution bed: a robust method for taphonomic and palaeoecologic analyses. GIGASCIENCE; 8.

DU PLESSIS A, LE ROUX  SG, TSHIBALANGANDA M. Advancing X-ray micro computed tomograhpy in AfricaL going far, together. Scientific African; 3.

WASO M, KHAN S, KHAN W. Assessment of predatory bacteria and prey interactions using culture-based methods and EMA-qPCR. Microbiological Research; 228.

PRIGOZHIN MB, MAURER PC, COURTIS AM, LIU N, WISSER MD, SIEFE C, TIAN B, CHAN E, SONG G, FISCHER S, ALONI S, OGLETREE DF, BARNARD ES, JOUBERT  L, RAO J, ALIVISATOS AP. Bright sub-20-nm cathodoluminescent nanoprobes for electron microscopy. Nature Nanotechnology; 14.

CLEMENTS TL, NDLOVU T, KHAN W. Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of secondary metabolites produced by Serratia marcescens strains. Microbiological Research; 229.

LOTZE E, FRAZENBURG MR, TURKETTI  SS, DREYER LL. Calcium dynamics of reproductive apple buds during the dormant season in the Western Cape, South Africa. Scientia Horticulturae; 256.

ADAMS RCM, SMITH C. Chronic gestational inflammation: Transfer of maternal adaptation over two generations of progeny. Mediators of Inflammation; 2019.

WINGFIELD BD, FOURIE A, SIMPSON MC, BUSHULA-NJAH VS, AYLWARD J, BARNES I, COETZEE MPA, DREYER  LL, DUONG TA, GEISER DM, ROETS  F, STEENKAMP ET, VAN HEERDEN CJ. Draft genome sequences of Fusarium xylarioides, Teratosphaeria gauchensis and T. zuluensis and genome annotation for Ceratocystis fimbriata. IMA Fungus; 10.

HAVENGA  B, NDLOVU T, CLEMENTS TL, REYNEKE B, WASO M, KHAN W. Exploring the antimicrobial resistance profiles of WHO critical priority list of bacterial strains. BMC Microbiology; 19.

CHIDAWANYIKA F, MUDAVANHU P, NYAMUKONDIWA C. Global Climate Change as a Driver of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Factors in Agricultural Landscapes and the Fate of Host-Parasitoid Interactions. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution; 7.

JANSE VAN RENSBURG S, PEETERS  AV, VAN TOORN R, SCHOEMAN JF, MOREMI  KE, VAN HEERDEN CJ. Identification of an iron-responsive subtype in two children diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis using whole exome sequencing. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports; 19.

REICHHARDT C, JOUBERT L, CLEMONS KV, STEVENS DA, CEGELSKI L. Integration of electron microscopy and solid-state NMR analysis for new views and compositional parameters of Aspergillus fumigatus biofilms. Medical Mycology; 57.

KATSIDZIRA L, VORSTER AA, GANGAIDZO IT, MAKUNIKE-MUTASA R, GOVENDER D, RUSAKANIKO S, THOMSON S, MATENGA JA, RAMESAR R. Investigation on the hereditary basis of colorectal cancers in an African population with frequent early onset cases. PLoS One; 14.

DU PLESSIS A, BROECKHOVEN C. Looking deep into nature: A review of micro-computed tomography in biomimicry. Acta Biomaterialia; 85.

VOSLOO  JA, SNOEP JL, RAUTENBACH M. Modelling the variable incorporation of aromatic amino acids in the tyrocidines and analogous cyclodecapeptides. Journal of Applied Microbiology; 127.

STANDER MA , REDELINGHUYS H, MASIKE K, LONG H, VAN WYK B-E. Patterns of Variation and Chemosystematic Significance of Phenolic Compounds in the Genus Cyclopia (Fabaceae, Podalyrieae). Molecules; 24.

CLEMENTS TL, REYNEKE  B, STRAUSS A, KHAN W. Persistence of viable bacteria in solar pasteurized harvested rainwater. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution; 230.

CLOETE K, ŠMIT A, MINNIS-NDIMBA R, VAVPETIč P, DU PLESSIS  A, LE ROUX  SG, PELICON P.  Physico-elemental analysis of roasted organic coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras, and Mexico using X-ray micro-computed tomography and external beam particle induced X-ray emission. Food Chemistry; X2.

MAKUMBELE FP, TAYLOR MJC, STANDER MA, ANYASI TA, JIDEANI AIO. Polyphenolic and Physicochemical Properties of Simple-Spined Num-Num (Carissa edulis) Fruit Harvested at Ripe Stage of Maturation. Molecules; 24.

UWAOMA RC, STRYDOM C, MATJIE RH, BUNT JR, OKOLO GN, BRAND DJ. Pyrolysis of Tetralin Liquefaction Derived Residues from Lighter Density Fractions of Waste Coals Taken from Waste Coal Disposal Sites in South Africa. Energy and Fuels; 33.

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MOSEKIEMANG TT, STANDER MA, DE VILLIERS AJ. Simultaneous quantification of commonly prescribed antiretroviral drugs and their selected metabolites in aqueous environmental samples by direct injection and solid phase extraction liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry. Chemosphere; 220.

TSHIBALANGANDA  M, DU PLESSIS A, LE ROUX SG, TAYLOR WL, SMITH RMH, BROWNING C. Systematic experiments to quantitatively assess image quality for CT scans of a Karoo tetrapod fossil. Palaeontologia Africana; 54.

GENT R, DU TOIT  T, BLOEM LM, SWART AC. The 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase isoforms: pivotal catalytic activities yield potent C11-oxy C19 steroids with 11βHSD2 favouring 11-ketotestosterone, 11-ketoandrostenedione and 11-ketoprogesterone biosynthesis. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; 189.

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JAVAL M, THOMAS S, LEHMAN  BP, BARTON M, CONLONG  DE, DU PLESSIS A. The Effect of Oxygen Limitation on a Xylophagous Insect's Heat Tolerance Is Influenced by Life-Stage Through Variation in Aerobic Scope and Respiratory Anatomy. Frontiers in Physiology; 10.

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​JUHL DW, VAN RENSBURG  W, BOSSIS X, VOSLOO JA, RAUTENBACH  M, BECHINGER B. Tyrocidine A interactions with saccharides investigated by CD and NMR spectroscopies. Journal of Peptide Science; 25.​