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​Dippennaar Family Trust ​


Family bursary trusts build a lasting foundation of support, and in turn make our country stronger, as Laurie and Estelle Dippenaar discovered when they started the Dipp​enaar Family Trust.

Over the past twenty years, the Dippenaars have helped approximately 350 Stellenbosch University (SU) students on their pathway to success through the bursaries provided by the family trust.

The Dippenaar Family Trust supports between 15 and 20 students a year, allowing these students to focus on their studies and not stress about the possibly of dropping out due to a lack of funding. Most of their recipients are first-generation university students without the financial resources to take this big step.

One such student is Siyabonga Ndlovu, who studied BComm Management Sciences and who wants to find ways to create real corporate social value in his future career.

 His dreams of social entrepreneurship would be just that – a dream – if not for the support received from the Dippenaar Family Trust.

 "When a student knows that their studies are covered in full, that there is no gap in funding or shortfall that they have to come up with, there is a confidence that bolsters them to focus on what needs to get done to overcome the challenges of the often gruelling academic year," says Arrie Hanekom, Head of Bursaries and Loans (Undergraduate) at SU.​

Would you like to apply?​​​​

Please make sure that this application form​​​​ is accompanied with the relevant attachments and forwarded to blinfo@sun.ac.za.

   The following rules apply with submission of a 2021 SU External Funders application:


  1. The email subject must be the student number ONLY, example: 12345678
  2. All documentation submitted must be in pdf format as:
  3. Example of submission “Student Number_Document Description", example: 123456_DIPPENAAR FAMILY TRUST or 123456_MOM ID COPY
  4. PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted attachments with your SU Financial Aid Application, there is no need to resubmit.​