Undergraduate Bursaries & Loans
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The Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans forms part of the Finance Division.

The Centre's team of professional financial aid practitioners support prospective and current students who want to apply for financial aid, by administering and granting bursaries and loans in a sustainable manner.

Our practitioners are committed to broadening access to higher education by informing and equipping prospective and current students about financial aid opportunities to ensure that no academically deserving student is prevented from further studies due to being financially needy.

We understand that any application process is inherently stressful, and so we aim to provide the student with the necessary support to ensure a positive experience throughout.


   This support includes:

  • Responding to enquiries made by students, parents, companies and donors in a timely manner

  • Providing guidance and assisting students with financial planning;

  • Awarding and allocation of available funds;

  • Financial management of financial aid– internal funds as well as external bursaries of companies and donors;

  • Advertising of available financial aid (in the University Calendar, Part 2 (Bursaries and Loans).