Undergraduate Bursaries & Loans
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I am a prospective student, what must I do before I can apply for financial assistance?
Applications are done online, before you can complete the online application you will need an active application to the university for the following year, have a student number and a password that begins with the word Sun.
If you have not yet completed an application to the university you can do so online by going to www.maties.com.

2. How do I know if I qualify for financial assistance?
Financial assistance is offered to all applicants who come from a household earning less than R350 000 per annum.
From 2018 all first time entry (FTEN) students who registers for their first undergraduate qualification for the first time at a public university with a gross household income not exceeding R350 000 qualifies for the NSFAS DHET Bursary Scheme.

3. What documents will I be required to submit to support my request for financial assistance?

The relevant documents, from the list of documents below, will be required when submitting an application for financial assistance:

  • Certified copy of ID for all members of the family living in the house; and/or
  • Payslips of both parents or guardians; and/or
  • If pensioner, must provide proof of pension income (SASSA letter); and/or
  • Bank Statements of income earners in the household; and/or
  • If own business, must provide last audited statements, and when new audit is out for current year, can be submitted for additional proof; and/or
  • Letter from bookkeeper or Accountant; and/or
  • Tax Assessment; and/or
  • If unemployed, a sworn affidavit confirming this signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s); and/or
  • If family receive survival income from family, friends, community etc, please provide proof and a sworn affidavit confirming this and amount(s)
Please note: that all income must be declared!

4. I have heard about the Recruitment Bursary; how do I apply for it?

The Recruitment Bursary is a strategic bursary of the university to increase the diversity in the demographics of the student body. Prospective students cannot apply for this bursary. All applicants who fall into the designated groups that are identified for the Recruitment Bursary and who have an average of 70% or higher on their application mark will be considered to be made an offer by our Centre for Student Recruitment.​

5. I have heard about the Merit Bursary; how do I apply for it?

Prospective Students
This is available for all Prospective Students who achieve 90% or higher average (excluding LO and Maths Paper 3) in their Gr 12 final year results. NSC and IEB students DO NOT need to apply for this bursary as their results are automatically received by the university. 

Only students who completed their exam two or more years prior to the year in which they plan to join the University, as well as candidates who completed their exam outside the provincial education departments, are required to apply for these merit bursaries by submitting a certified copy of their matric certificate to the Undergraduate Bursary Office.

The final approval for the continuation of the Merit Bursaries is made in May annually, thus the awards is not guaranteed.

Current Students

Do not need to apply for this bursary. All eligible students will automatically receive this bursary based on the criteria for senior merit bursary awards. 

6. How big is the Merit Bursary?​
 The Merit Bursary​ is calculated as a percentage of the basic tuition cost (excluding module- and program costs).

7. If my family earn between R350 000 and R600 000 per annum, are there any bursaries that I can apply for?

Yes. There is a wide range of company, trust and individual bursaries that are available in the bursary application that you can apply for that do not disqualify you from applying for based on household income. The details of these bursaries can be viewed in the Bursaries and Loans Calendar

8. Are there any bursaries that I can apply for that are faculty specific?

Yes. It is imperative that you also look at faculty specific bursaries that you might qualify for and ensure that you apply for them. The list and details of these can be found in the Bursaries and Loans Calendar.

9. When will I know if my application for Stellenbosch University financial assistance has been successful?

Prospective Students will receive notification from March 2021 confirming an offer of financial assistance from SU institutional funds. External bursaries that SU manages will inform students by May the following year.

10. If I am receiving financial assistance, do I need to pay the first instalment of my tuition fees at Registration?

If you are receiving financial assistance where the amount that you will be receiving is greater than the first compulsory instalment, you will not need to pay the first instalment of your tuition fees.

11. If I am receiving financial assistance, do I need to pay the residence deposit?

If you are receiving financial assistance from the university which covers your tuition and residence costs in full, or if you are receiving a Conditional award and/or receiving a NSFAS Bursary or external financial aid you will not need to pay the residence deposit.

12. If I am offered a Recruitment Bursary and/or Financial Assistance, can I lose it?

Yes. The Recruitment Bursary and Financial Assistance Bursaries/ Loans are given on condition of continued good academic performance. Your letter offering the financial assistance will contain the terms and conditions you will have to meet to retain the financial aid in subsequent year.

13. Do I need to reapply for the financial assistance every year?

Yes. Family situations can drastically change in a year. You will need to reapply between 1 May and 31 August to receive the financial assistance in the following year. Recipients of the Recruitment Bursary will not need to re-apply, this will be automatically re-awarded as long as the academic achievements required for the bursary are met.

14. When do I start to repay any loans given to me?

You are only required to start repaying the loans when you graduate from Stellenbosch University, or when you discontinue your studies at Stellenbosch University. Our Debtors Office is best placed to advise you further on what this process would entail.

15. Can I use my Financial Assistance to pay for text books etc.?

Depending on the amount awarded to you. The expenses are dealt with according to a priorities list that you Bursary Coordinator will explain to you.

17. Sports Bursaries

If you have provincial or national colours for a sports code, there might be a specialised sports bursary that you could apply for. You will need to email your details to matiesport@sun.ac.za to enquire about the bursaries.