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Recruitment Bursary

The aim of the recruitment bursary is to support the strategic objectives of Stellenbosch University (SU) and to extend the diversity profile at the University. Consequently, the recruitment bursary offer, which is made in a specific faculty on the basis of academic merit, is available only to South African citizens, who matriculated in the last 3 application years (2019 – 2021) from the Coloured, Black and Indian and Asian population groups.

​        What does the bursary cover?

  • The recruitment bursary is a full cost bursary that covers tuition, accommodation, textbooks and meals (including registration fees)

  • Included in the offer is a placement in residence, should a student opt to stay in private accommodation the pay out to contribute to the fees will be equivalent to that of the residence fees and meals. Students who will study from home will qualify for a travel stipend.


      How does the process of awarding the bursary work?

  • Black, coloured, indian and asian learners are eligible for the Recruitment Bursary after they have been conditionally accepted into a programme based on their Grade 11 end of year results (or final Grade 12 results)

  • Conditionally (or final) accepted students need to ensure that they accept the offer and upload the contract  to be considered for a Recruitment Bursary (this is an automatic allocation process)​

  • the bursary offer is subject to the minimum requirements as stipulated in the bursary offer letter, and the student must receive final acceptance for the programme they received the bursary for.

  • Although applicants can determine if their final examination results in Grade 12 (NSC) (or equivalent) allows them to retain the provisional offer of the Recruitment Bursary, the Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice will notify them if they no longer qualify.

  • ​If candidates qualify for an external bursary (e.g. corporate bursary), the Recruitment Bursary will be reduced pro rata or cancelled depending on the value of the other bursary or bursaries.  


       What is the basic continuation criteria of the bursary offer from second academic year onwards?

  • The Recruitment Bursary offer is valid for the normal duration of the degree programme (up to a maximum of four years).              In other words, a Recruitment Bursary offer as from 2021 applies until 2024 for three-year programmes, and until 2025 for four-year programmes. 

  • For the Recruitment Bursary to be continued in the subsequent year, the student must achieve a weighted average of 55%.   Should the student fail to meet this requirement, the Recruitment Bursary will be cancelled. If a student has a 55% weighted average in the following year the bursary can be reinstated.

  • ​Besides their Recruitment Bursaries, candidates may also qualify for an ordinary Senior Merit Bursary if they fall within the top 5% of their faculty in their preceding year of study.

For more information, feel free to visit the Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice ​website HERE​.