​​​​​​​Code for Employment Equity and Diversity

The Code for Employment Equity​  and Diversity is one of the critical tools for overcoming the barriers identified in the EEP, and it will strengthen the process of eliminating barriers to the appointment of employees from designated groups. Implementing EE and complying with the EEA at the University require more specific operational guidelines, which are set out in this Code.​​ The Code also gives effect to, among other things, section 7 of the University's Disability Access Policy, specifically section 7.5, which states, “All departments must ensure that their processes, protocol documents and procedures comply with the principles and provisions of the Disability Access Policy, and must strive for disability inclusion in the work that they do."

Objectives of the Code.

  • ​​​Provide guidelines for implementing the University's EE Policy and its EE Plan.
  • Eliminate unfair discrimination and advance EE.
  • Serves as an instrument for identifying aspects of human resources (HR) policies and procedures that are key to EE and that can advance EE objectives.
  • Complement various University policies and procedures that are related to EE.
  • Assist SU environments with the practical aspects of advancing EE and reasonable accommodation of people with disabilities.
  • Include general and reasonable accommodation practices across all key policies and procedures of the University's HR Division.
  • Establish norms and standards for reasonable accommodation measures, assistive technologies and devices for the benefit of people with disabilities.​