​​​​​​​​Welcome to Employment Equity & Promotion of Diversity.

Stellenbosch University hereby declares that employment equity (EE) is a strategic priority, and it is fundamental to the actions of the University as an academic institution. Employment equity actions include redressing the inequalities/imbalances of the past relating to staff as well as positioning the University for the future.

Employment Equity is not only a legal compliance requirement, but also one of the strategies to accelerate transformation as articulated in SU vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019 - 2024.  The University strategic theme of "Employer of Choice" clearly articulates the following goals:

  • ​Embraces diversity and equity, leverages unique talents and strengths, promotes life-long learning and celebrates achievements.
  • Creating and promoting an enabling, inclusive, equitable, healthy and safe working and learning environment that encourages our diverse staff to maximise their productivity, and where they feel valued and contribute to SU's excellence.
  • Talent acquisition and talent management plan, which includes equitable remuneration.
The Employment Equity Office aims to operationalise the strategic theme of "Employer of Choice" by developing and implementing the Institutional Employment Equity Policy, Plan and the Code for Management Practices for EE.