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Vehicle Fleet

​Tygerberg ​

Vehicles are made available to staff and students for official​ use such as for research, clinical rotations, sports and culturalactivities. No​ private trips may be undertaken. Drivers must be in possession of a valid driver's license of at least one year old, which must be shown upon request.

Keys for booked vehicles may be collected Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 at the booking office behind the elective housing, next to the swimming pool wall, opposite the periphery parking area P11. Obtain access to the Vehicle Pool gates by tapping your staff/student card against the access control system and then (within three seconds) the identity card of the rented vehicle.

Drivers receive a trip card which must be completed in full in the case of each vehicle rented. Together with this they receive a key which must be handed in at the reservation office after the vehicle has been used. If after hours, place the keys in the slot in the wall of the building on the left-hand side just outside the​ exit gate. Locking the vehicle is compulsory. Booking times and rules must be complied with strictly. Cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to departure in order to avoid a fine.

Any damage to a vehicle must be reported to the reservation office before departure and recorded on the trip card under complaints/defects. After hours damage must be recorded on the trip card and reported to the reservation office upon return.

Donovan Peters (Pietie) 
​021 938 9351
​Elzaan van der Merwe 
​021 938 9351
​In case of theft or an accident
​021 938 9349/50/51 (08:00 - 16:30)
Campus Security (after hours)
021 938 9500/7

  • Students wil​l be assisted with transport by the Tygerberg campus vehicle pool.
  • Should a student experience transport difficulties, he or she should contact their department coordinator timeously, in order for transport to be arranged if available.
  • Students are responsible for any problems with their own vehicles. Should students utilize their own vehicles for clinical work, a travel claim may be submitted to the department coordinator.
  • The vehicle pool should be contacted with any vehicle related problems.
  • Students must have a valid driver's licence for a period of 1 year prior to using SU pool vehicles.
  • The vehicles are booked with vehicle pool by your department.

Should students be involved in an accident ​with a SU car and negligence on the part of the student can be proven, the student will be held liable for payment of the insurance excess of R2500.00. Kindly peruse all SU vehicle car policies which are in the black file containing the logbook and car keys. The log book must be completed and a vehicle check must be undertaken at the start of the trip. Vehicle damages if any, must be reported at the start of the trip.

The student will also be held liable for any damages to the car or property if found negligent.​

Manual for booking for vehicle.​

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​Tygerberg Shuttle Drivers​

            ​                                       ​Ambrose-Plaatjies.jpg

​                                                                          Ambrose Plaatjies

           Wesley-Veldsman.jpg                                       ​Graham-Wenn.jpg

                        Wesley Veldsman                                                                                Graham Wenn