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Bishop Lavis

​​​About Bishop Lavis

Bishop​ Lavis is a low socio-economic community situated on the Cape Flats in the Western Cape.

Participating Departments​

  • Family Medicine and Primary Care, Community Health & Rehabilitation Studies
  • Human Nutrition         
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy​

Bishop Lavis Rehabilitation Centre

The Bishop Lavis Rehabilitation Centre (BLRC) Project was initiated by the Faculty of Medicine of Stellenbosch University (SU) in November 1993 as part of the Bishop Lavis Community Day Centre (BLCDC), and as an academic primary health care centre. It was developed as a partnership between Stellenbosch University, the House of Representatives, the Regional Services and the community of Bishop Lavis.

The project was developed with two main aims. These were to provide a comprehensive health care service to the community of Bishop Lavis, and to provide students of Stellenbosch University with opportunities to gain training in primary health care.

The BLRC creates opportunities for third and fourth year students from Stellenbosch University to gain practical experience in community-based rehabilitation.

Students are supervised by the PT and OT at the centre, as well as clinical supervisors from the respective Divisions of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University. The centre was also a venue for final year practical exams for both PT and OT students.

The above mentioned students have been involved in many activities at the centre which included the following:

    • assessment and treatment of clients,
    • home and factory visits,
    • facilitation of groups,
    • service learning projects,
    • community outreach services (including volunteer and home-based carer training),
    • health promotion,
    • administrative work,
    • networking and
    • completion of projects required by the BLRC.

Academic Supervisors

Maatjie KloppersOccupational
Ronel BeukesHuman


Information & Communications Technology (ICT)​

      Service Learning Centre

-    7 desktop computers

-    2 laptops

-    Study desks and chairs​

-    Wi-Fi available for academic purposes

      General Rules

-    No prestik on walls

-    All lights to be switched off when you leave

-    Lock all doors and close all doors upon departure

-    No smoking, eating or drinking in the center

-    Keep center neat and tidy at all times

-    No disruptive behavior or loud music

-    Emergency doors is only to be used in a case of emergency

-    Security door can be used, but to be locked upon departure


       All areas are for communal use


  • Fully equipped commu​nal kitchen with all cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils provided
  • Fridge
  • Microwave oven

Address and driving directions

Head south towards Francie Van Zijl Drive (400m). Turn right at the first cross street onto Francie Van Zijl Drive (250m) and keep left. Turn left onto 35th Avenue/M12 (2.9km). Turn right onto Lavis Drive (1.4km) and left onto Kasteelberg Road (46m). Your destination will be on the left.

Distance to site: 8 Km's


Your safety is a priority to the SUNLOC team and Stellenbosch University.

Be alert and do not compromise your own safety under any circumstances.

For any queries or complaints, please contact Ms. Nicole Crow on 082 420 4864.​