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New Partnership Development 

To Stellenbosch University (SU), international collaboration is a key part of being a modern-day university. Constantly expanding SU's global reach, SU International assists both international institutes and SU staff who are interested in establishing more formal partnerships. Working through SU International guarantees that legalities are addressed, processes are synchronised and partnership goals are assessed.

Partnership development at any level – institution-wide, faculty or department – should be initiated via SU International, which has a dedicated working group for partnership development that considers all new partnership requests. This would apply in all instances, whether the initiator is a foreign institution or a SU staff member. In the case of a higher education institution abroad wanting to establish a partnership, the request to SU International may however be mediated by an SU faculty member.

The process is fairly simple:

  • A request for partnership development must be submitted to SU International. E-mail: Alecia Erasmus at aleciaerasmus@sun.ac.za. for the prescribed form.
  • Once the request has been received, the working group for partnership development will liaise with the applicant and potential partner regarding the content of the agreement document. This will then be assessed and discussed at the working group's monthly meeting.
  • Once approved, the text for the agreement will be negotiated and the final text proposed.
  • The final text will also be submitted to Legal Services for scrutiny.
  • When the text is given the go-ahead, the working group will facilitate the signing of the agreement by both parties, providing an original copy of the signed text to the partner and keeping one on file at SU International. An electronic copy of the agreement will be supplied to the relevant SU department/faculty.
  • Please allow at least 30 days for an agreement to be prepared.

For pointers to consider when initiating a partnership, click here​. ​ Alternatively, contact Alecia Erasmus (aleciaerasmus@sun.ac.z a) or Kirwan Adams (kirwan@sun.ac.za).