Flow Cytometry_AMNIS ® ImageStreamX Mk II

AMNIS ® ImageStreamX Mk II Performance characteristics:

  • 2 camera system, delivering images of brightfield, side scatter (SSC) and 9- 10 fluorescent channels.

    Laser and bandpass configuration: AMNIS ImageStreamX ​​​

  • ​Objectives: 20x objectives to view larger structures or cells,

  • 40x and 60x objectives for the analyses of cells (as small as yeast or bacteria) or for defining intracellular detail of larger cells

  • Extended depth of field (EDF) delivering a single in focus image of a structure or cell

  • ​High throughput with an imaging rate per magnification as follows:
​MagnificationMax acquisition rate
5 000 cells/sec
40x2 000 cells/sec
60x1 200 cells/sec

  • ​Automated acquisition from 96 well round bottom plates

  • Manual acquisition from 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes or 96 well round bottom plates

  • Sample in suspension is required, able to analyse sample volumes between 20-200ul

  • High resolution images and statistics are retrieved in real-time​

  • Automated instrument operations which includes start up, calibration and shut down

  • Enumeration of events (events/μl), which eliminates the need of using counting beads


Nuclear Translocation of NFkB, Intracellular molecular traffickingImmune Synapse, Shape change, Phagocytosis, Autophagy, etc.

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