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Microsoft Word for Thesis Formatting


This workshop is suitable for postgraduate students wishing to learn how to format a large document such as a thesis or dissertation in Microsoft Word effectively and according to Stellenbosch University (SU) thesis and dissertation requirements.  This workshop covers how to use the following MS Word functions: 

  • Help
  • Page layout
  • Styles
  • Chapter headings
  • Captions
  • Footnotes
  • Numbered lists
  • Page breaks/ section breaks
  • Non-breakings spaces
  • Blank pages
  • Page numbers
  • Table of contents / List of figures / List of tables
  • Spelling & grammar
  • Columns & borders
  • Hanging bibliography
  • Tables
  • Flow charts / Smart art
  • Screen clippings & screenshots
  • Outline view
  • Master documents
  • Track changes
  • Find & replace
  • Cross-reference
  • Citations & managing sources
  • Bookmarks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Excel charts in Word
  • Template


This workshop opportunity is funded by the Postgraduate Office.​​ There is no cost involved for registered SU postgraduates who sign up and attend, however, in the case of late cancellations or non-attendance, applicants will be responsible for the full workshop fee since late cancellations and non-attendance have considerable cost implications for our office.  

Target audience

SU postgraduate students working on their thesis or dissertation who need the skills to create their own thesis or dissertation template. 

Contact and booking details

Please note that we will confirm your successful registration on receipt. Booking is essential and places are limited.

This workshop is offered in both an online and face-to-face format. Face-to-face workshops are held on Stellenbosch campus. The venue will be confirmed with the enrolled participants directly.

Online course format

Participants have an introductory live session via Microsoft Teams on the first day of the workshop. Course content is then made available to enrolled participants via SUNLearn. Participants have seven days to work through the course material and exercises on SUNLearn at their own pace before the final live question and answer session via teams on the last day of the workshop. The live sessions allow participants to ask the facilitator questions and receive feedback on their exercises. 
The online feedback via Microsoft Teams consists of one live session on the first and last day of the workshop:
First session: 09:00-11:00 

In-person course format

The in-person MS Word for Thesis Formatting workshop takes place over one day. 
Venue: Stellenbosch central campus (final venue information will be sent to confirmed participants).
Time: 9:00-16:30​​​

Click on a date below to sign up.

For the 20-27 February 2023 online workshop - click here.

Online 20-27 February 2023Online 20-27 February 2023
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Online 5-12 June 2023Online 5-12 June 2023
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In-person 21 August 2023In-person 21 August 2023
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The Postgraduate Skills Programme reserves the right to move a workshop forward or cancel it if there is not enough interest. Registrations close five days prior to the workshop.
​ For enquiries please email pgskills@sun.ac.za.
Additional training: If you are unable to attend a full day workshop, the Library offers worthwhile 2 hour sessions titled, Tips on how to format your thesis (MS Word), read more here​. You also have the option to self-study the material using our MS Word formatting guide, click here for further information.