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​​​​​​​​Resources to assist you with laying out and formatting your thesis or dissertation:​

PGO thesis formatting guidelines
Formatting criteria of SU theses and dissertations
Manual for Formatting.png
ow to use MS Word to format a large document ​

Digital repository of SU theses and dissertations ​​
SUNScholar.pngThesis/dissertation guide and software download 

Other online self-help formatting resources:

Formatting your Thesis Part 1 – Headings

This screencast explains the role of headings in a postgraduate thesis and shows viewers step-by-step how to assign heading levels, and how to use these headings to create an automatic table of contents.

Formatting your Thesis Part 2 – Layouts and Breaks

This screencast explains the role of setting up a page layout template, and creating page and section breaks, in a postgraduate thesis. It then shows viewers step-by-step how to set up a template for a page layout, and how to assign page and section breaks.

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