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As a well-established research-intensive institution on the African continent, Stellenbosch University is making a significant contribution towards the broadening of the global knowledge base.  Our vision is to be globally recognised as excellent, inclusive and innovative, where we advance knowledge in service of society. We continue to strive towards our ideal of making a global impact in areas of local relevance through our research achievements. SU is currently one of the most productive universities in the country and on our continent in terms of research output and regards itself as a national asset serving all the people of South Africa. Through consistent transformation, we wish to broaden access to our University, maintain our excellence, and increase our social impact to contribute to a society of social justice and equal opportunities. Research is a transformative activity with the power to change the world. Stellenbosch University`s academics, postdoctoral research fellows and postgraduate students, through their future-oriented and innovative ideas and work, are breaking ground to build healthy, strong and sustainable communities.  

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