Timelines: Allocation of financial assistance (bursaries and loans) for 2021

Due to the extension of our 2020 academic year until the 6th of February 2021, the academic results of a significant number of our students will only be available after this date. The Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans is currently busy to ensure that all applications are complete and verified in terms of the financial information provided by applicants.

Activity in the allocation process Timeline 2021
Verification of applications and academic results1 March
Communication on the outcome of your application 14 May
Activation of bursaries/loans on your student fees account*21 May
Last day for the payment of at least 75% of study fees31 May

​*Important note: All our institutional and internal bursaries will be activated and paid into the successful students' fee accounts before the last day for the payment of at least 75% of study fees. 

The focus group of students for financial assistance: Who will be considered?

As you may know, all students from families with a gross household income of less than R350 000 per year, qualifies for a NSFAS-bursary that covers the full cost of their tuition and residence, and includes allowances for meals, personal care and learning material. Students living with their parents, qualify for a living and transport allowance.

​Therefore, the University focuses its own financial support efforts on the so-called “missing middle" where the gross family income is between R350 000 and R600 000 per year. In cases where there are more than one child of a family studying at a tertiary institution, families with an income of up to R1 million are also considered for financial assistance. 

Very important note: The University, due to limited funding, cannot assist students with the full cost of their studies, but strive to assist students with the cost of their basic tuition fees, excluding any additional module or program costs. 

The process going forward

All the applications that we received will be verified in terms of financial information and academic results until 1 March 2021. The Centre for Bursaries and Loans will match the information you provided in your application with the different bursaries that you may qualify for. In addition, we will share your information with p​otential donors of various other bursary funds. The outcome of this extensive allocation process will be communicated to all applicants by 14 May 2021. If you have been a successful candidate, the bursary that you qualify for, will be activated and paid into your student fee account by 21 May 2021, before the last day for the payment of at least 75% of your study fees on 31 May 2021. 

Allocation of loans in 2021

While SU offered interest free loans to SU students in the past, this programme will no longer be active from 2021 onwards. SU has an agreement with four large banks where students can apply for student loans. 

Compulsory fees payable at registration in 2021

Note that the full compulsory fee(s) payable at registration (the 1st instalment of your study fees) is your own responsibility if you have not received a written confirmation of a bursary. Please contact the Division for Student Fees for more information on this matter and other payment arrangements. If you have made payments and you receive a bursary that covers your study fees, resulting in a credit balance on your fees account, you may request a (partial) refund of your own contribution. Note that certain terms and conditions will apply.

Please visit our website for updates about statutory, corporate and institutional financial aid. Further information can be found HERE.