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At Stellenbosch University we are focused on creating and maintaining the leading campus environment in South Africa. This app will put the Stellenbosch University (SU) campus in the palm of your hand. Find classrooms, explore buildings and facilities, learn about campus transport options, and report any problems you encounter along the way to our help desk. Our interactive map interface with Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities will give you a virtual tour of the whole Stellenbosch campus.

This app is proudly brought to you by Facilities Management (FM).

The application will assist Stellenbosch University students and staff to:

  • Have direct access to the FM help desk.
  • Have direct access to the emergency hotline.
  • Have access to official news and social feeds, including university news articles, FM news articles and institutional Twitter feeds.
  • Access to a university map with location information of the various campus buildings (i.e. building names, building information, address etc.). 
  • Browse for faculties within buildings, contact information, directions, and floor plans of buildings and filter function via “Campus Map”.
  • Access information of Facilities Management services through the “About” screen.
  • Find university shuttle information such as departure times, departure points and GPS coordinates of the stops via the “Shuttle Map” screen.
  • Access an alphabetical and searchable “Directory” of buildings, faculties, departments and more.
  • Help to improve the FM application via the “Feedback” screen.

Upgrades envisaged for the first quarter of 2015 include the following:

  • Wifi hot spots – buildings and facilities on campus where students can find WiFi signals
  • Student exam timetables – enabling students to check the date, time and location of their exams and navigate to these locations
  • General campus routing – enabling students to navigate from their locations to buildings and facilities on campus by road or on foot


There are minimum hardware requirements for the Augmented Reality functionality to work. If the functionality does not start when you lift your device horizontally on Campus Maps, then it is disabled.​

The application is currently available for download from the App and Play Stores.

 For more information please liaise with the FM Helpdesk at telephone number 021 8084666 and e-mail to


Download it here:

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