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All physical gatherings of learners and judges for Expo 2020 were cancelled due to Covid 19! This includes all Science Buddies gatherings, the regional Expo's and the national Expo (ISF).​

​With the virtual route we plan, learners can in 2020 not only enrol online as usual, but also upload the necessary documents (research plan and the complete, neat report file) as well as a video explaining the project! Check out what it looks like at:

Registrations only close on September 28, 2020, giving learners enough time to finish their projects in a meaningful way.

​It is important that all the necessary documentation is collected and readily available BEFORE enrolment begins. You can download all​ the documents at:

Note that all projects fall under 4 types of projects: 

1) A scientific investigation or experiment, or 

2) An engineering or computer science project, or 

3) A social sciences project or 

4) A mathematical or theoretical project.


Teachers, it would really be appreciated if learners could be helped to gather this information in order to participate.​

The following information is required for registration:

  • ​Category in which to enter (see attachment)

  • Junior (Gr 7 - 9) or Senior (Gr 10 - 12)

  • Individual or group project

  • Learner's Name(s) and Surname(s)

  • Grade

  • ID number(s)

  • Personal cell number(s)

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • School

  • Town or city in which school is located

  • Forms:

    • Research plan, maximum 3 pages, pdf / Word format

    • Full report learning, maximum 20 pages, pdf / Word format

    • Plagiarism statement

  • ​​​​​Video:

    • 3 minutes

    • MP4 format

    • Video content:

      • Give your name(s) and surname(s)

      • School

      • Why you decided on this topic?

      • What was your goal or purpose for the project?

      • Explain the project, what you did to get results and why did you use this specific way

      • What were your main results?

      • A final conclusion.

Our timeline for the rest of the year is as follows:​


28 September




  • Assessment of projects online. Several judges will have a look at the learners' work and evaluate it. Medals will be awarded on merit.

  • Results are announced to schools.

  • Medal certificates as well as certificates of participation to everyone who participated, are sent to schools.

  • Candidates who qualify for the national virtual science competition, as well as their teachers, are notified.

2 – 13 November


  • ​National participants are supported to improve and refine their projects where necessary, before final online submission for the virtual national competition is done.​




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