SUNCEP enters into contractual agreement(s) with funders, e.g. Education Department(s), corporates, etc. on an annual basis. These courses are thus presented to cohorts of students, as identified by the funder.


Please contact your education department to find out if they are offering/funding any of these courses in 2021.

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All modules marked with an asterix and  in blue text will also be offered as freestanding accredited short courses. ​For more information,  click here.

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Topics covered within each short course module

General Pedagogy (13435) 6 Learning Theories, Instructional Theories, Educational Psychology, Types of assessment
Educational Perspectives (49221) 6 Knowledge of education systems, understanding of educational policies educational contexts and  understanding of educational policies
Curriculum Management (13438) 6 Management of a subject, a learning area, a phase and Lead Teachership
Work Integrated Learning (13437) 12 Analysing educational videos and case studies, learning in and from practice, Professional Portfolio and Workplace Project(s)
*Financial Mathematics

  • Use simple and compound growth formulae
  • Use simple and compound decay formulae
  • Interest
  • Exchange rates
  • The effect of different periods of compounding growth and decay (including effective and nominal interest rates)
  • Apply knowledge of geometric series to solve annuity and bond repayment problems.
  • Critically analyse different loan options
  • Incorporating ICT where applicable
*Patterns, Functions and Algebra  (13558) 22
  • Number Patterns
  • Sequences and Series
  • Functions
  • Algebra
  • Incorporating ICT where applicable
*Trigonometry  (13561) 14
  • Basic trigonometry relations
  • Trigonometrical Identities
  • Trigonometrical Equations
  • Trigonometrical Functions
  • Trigonometrical Formulae
  • Rules for solving 2D and 3D Trigonometrical problems
  • Incorporating ICT where applicable
*Geometry (13559) 22
  • Euclidean Geometry
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Measurement within a geometry context
  • Incorporating ICT where applicable
*Calculus  (13563) 9
  • Rate of change (gradient)
  • Differentiation: First principles and Rules
  • Sketching and deriving formulae for Polynomial Functions (3rd degree)
  • Applications of differential calculus
  • Incorporating ICT where applicable
*Data Handling  (13562) 14
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Incorporating ICT where applicable​