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Ton and Anet Vosloo Chair in Afrikaans Language Practice

About the Chair

Ton_en-Anet_Vosloo-crop.jpgThe Chair was endowed by Ton and Anet Vosloo and is situated in the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch. In this Chair, we host a centre of knowledge on the scientific study of translation, interpreting and revision/editing. The research focus is on Afrikaans language practice, thereby enhancing Afrikaans as a language of science. This research is not undertaken in isolation or within an Afrikaans enclave, but rather within a multilingual and multicultural environment. Students are also trained in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German and isiXhosa. Students are trained here as next-generation scholars in the scientific field of language practice but also as language practitioners. The South African community as a whole will benefit from the establishment and enhancement of the imprint of Afrikaans in the local Stellenbosch, national and international community.

Ilse Feinauer.jpgProf Ilse Feinauer of the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch in SU's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, has been appointed incumbent of this Chair.​​

For her research profile, click HERE​.

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​​​Chancellor’s Award for res​​​earch​​

Prof Ilse Feinauer of the D​epartment of Afrikaans and Dutch received a Chancellor's Award for sustained excellence in research on Monday 5 December 2022. A maximum of 15 such prestige awards are presented for research, innovation, learning and teaching, social impact, and professional services during the December graduation ceremonies.

During her 40 years as an academic at SU, Prof Feinauer has established an exceptional research profile, both nationally and internationally. She is one of the founding members of the African Society for Translation Studies (ATSA) and is a member of the executive board of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST). Her continued involvement in international organisations and conferences led to the EST conference being held in Stellenbosch in 2019 – the first time it has been held outside of Europe.

Prof Feinauer also remains deeply involved with language practice locally and with Afrikaans linguistics. She is the first holder of the Ton and Anet Vosloo Chair in Afrikaans Language Practice in the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch and is the chair of the South African Academy of Science and Arts.